'Transgender' child mutilation - should parents and doctors be prosecuted?

We wrote a while ago about the 'Mermaids' organisation, its facilitation of child 'gender reassignment', and how the feminist head of Mermaids had taken her own son, aged 16, to Thailand for a penis-removal operation.

She'd decided the boy needed a sex change, based on his 'effeminacy' and moodiness. 

The NHS-run Tavistock Clinic, which treats children 'who experience difficulties in the development of their gender identity', reports growing numbers of patients in younger age groups:

The numbers, for the year to this April, also show marked rises in younger children seeking treatment. For the first time, the majority of patients referred to the clinic (54%) are aged 14 or under.

The number of 13-year-olds seeking treatment rose by 30% in a year to 331. Referrals of 14-year-olds went up by a quarter, to 511. The number of 11-year-olds is up by 28%. The youngest patients were three.

That this epidemic of sexual disorientation is happening at the same time as schools and media are actively pushing 'transgenderism' seems more than coincidental, and suggests that children are being strongly influenced by the prevailing culture.

To put it another way, there's no comparable rise of child 'transgenderism' in non-Western countries that don't promote it.

'Sex reassignment surgery' is irreversible, moreover its side-effects and (potentially life-long) physical and mental consequences are little understood.

It isn't unusual for teenagers to struggle with confused sexual feelings, but in nearly all cases they resolve naturally.

To impose irreversible medication or surgery during the period of maturation seems at best irresponsible, at worst heinous.

Which is why we ask:

1. Does not society have a responsibility to protect children from potentially life-destroying parental or 'professional' decisions?

2. Would the possibility of later prosecution serve to deter parents and doctors from authorising irreversible 'transgender' mutilation?


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