Mermaids: the sinister organisation promoting child transgenderism

Mermaids (website here) bills itself as a 'transgender rights charity' that campaigns 'for the recognition of gender dysphoria in young people'.

It provides advice and information for parents and young people such as this video entitled, What is gender?

There's growing concern that Mermaids (which last year won a £500,000 National Lottery grant) isn't just about providing information and support, but has a more sinister purpose of aggressively promoting 'transgender' ideology and making it easier for even quite young children to receive life-changing medication and surgery.

From The Times:

The NHS protocol for children is 'watchful waiting' but Mermaids pushes for the US 'affirmation' model in which any child who declares that they are trans must be treated as such without examining any possible underlying issues, such as frequently undiagnosed autism, depression or sexual abuse.

Mermaids' chief executive is a woman called Susie Green, who has personal experience of child 'transgenderism', having flown her 16-year-old son to Thailand for a penis-removal operation on the basis that he was 'effeminate', depressive, and liked playing with Barbie dolls.

Ms Green insists that 'Psychological assessment should not be needed for surgery as this is not required for cisgender surgeries of ANY type.'

One wonders how long it will be before her new 'daughter' - who faces a lifetime of medication and possible complications - flips from depression to matricidal rage.

Apparently, such butchery of minors is becoming normal in America, where 'transitioning' 13-year-old girls can get double mastectomies.

You'll be unsurprised to learn that Mermaids' tame GP, Helen Webberley, who has prescribed sex-change hormones to kids as young as 12, has a criminal record for running an unregistered practice.

The charity's apparent preference for medical intervention over less drastic alternatives is disturbing, given that it's quite common for adolescents nowadays to experience sexual confusion.

And no wonder - just look at some of the material they're exposed to as children:

We agree with David Davis MP when he said of Mermaids: 'What they are doing is utterly wrong.'


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