'Vigilante' Groups on the Rise Across Europe

By enforcing indiscriminate, large-scale immigration over several decades, Europe's anti-democratic elites have knowingly exposed Europe's indigenous peoples to terrible dangers.

In city after city, immigrant or ethnic gangs stab, rob and riot whilst nameless jihadis plot the mass murder of European children, and 'groomers' their sexual ruination.

Those who can afford to flee do so, first to the suburbs, then - as the suburbs too are overrun - to the exurbs and distant provinces, leaving Europe's great centres of power in the hands of foreign invaders and their white enablers and collaborators.

But what becomes of the poor souls left behind in hostile urban ghettos, the elderly people and struggling young families who for various reasons can't move?

It's a question unasked by the Traitor Class, because their fantasy of harmonious, rainbow multiculturalism (expensively sustained behind private security gates and bullet-proof glass) rarely intersects with the grim reality of post-Merkel urbanism.

That these posturing, mercenary parasites care nothing for their own people is evidenced daily, as mainstream political parties, local authorities and police abandon once thriving white communities to a hellish fate of demographic replacement, cultural effacement and growing anti-white violence.

Hardly surprising, then, that communities across Europe have begun mobilising in their own defence, forming local protection groups ('vigilante squads', in left-wing media parlance) to patrol neighbourhoods and safeguard native Europeans and their property:

February 2016: Swedish women start 'vigilante' patrols at swimming pools after reports of sexual assaults by refugees

February 2016: Soldiers of Odin: The far-right groups in Finland 'protecting women' from asylum seekers
(Below: 'Soldiers of Odin' patrolling the streets of Joensuu, north Finland.)

April 2016: Broad Bulgarian support for vigilantes 'arresting' refugees

March 2017: Fearing Migrant Crime, Italians Go Vigilante

July 2018: Belgians Preparing Vigilante Justice Amid Migrant Crime Wave

July 2018: Germany: Police investigate far-right NPD video showing 'protection' patrol on trains
(Below: Red-vested members of National Democratic Party of Germany on train protection patrol.)

January 2019: Far-right group launches vigilante patrol in German town where four asylum seekers 'hurled racist abuse and injured 12 people including children in random attacks'


Naturally, we'd prefer a Europe, a country, where these kinds of citizen initiatives are unnecessary: where governments don't import terrorists, murderers and rapists; where police forces tackle immigrant crime robustly and without exception; where women, children and vulnerable people can walk city streets day or night without fear.

Sadly, that Europe doesn't presently exist.

And national authorities, having failed in their primary duty of protection, have no right to attack or condemn law-abiding citizens who strive merely to protect their families and neighbourhoods from imported crime and violence. It's a sensible response to a serious new threat.

As Markus Frohnmaier, an MP with Germany's patriotic AfD party, said:

If the state is no longer to protect citizens then people take to the streets and protect themselves. It's as simple as that!


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