A posthumous letter to Sergeant Peter Bilsborough

Dear Sergeant Bilsborough,

A few days ago, 78 years after your death, somebody smashed up your grave, and the graves of five other war heroes.

England today is a very different country than the one you gave your life defending.

Perhaps, as you survey England and the desecrated cemetery in Shipley, you ask yourself whether the sacrifice was worth it.

How must you feel, to see towns and cities in your native Yorkshire teeming with foreigners, your fellow Englishmen facing demographic eclipse before the century's end?

Or to see some of the towns of your boyhood become strongholds of Islamic extremism, breeding grounds for killers every bit as fanatical as the Nazis you fought against?

To hear of unspeakable crimes in those same towns, against English girls who might (had you not been denied a life, a family) have been your own great-granddaughters?

To hear muezzins calling the Muslim faithful to prayer, in places where Christian church bells once sounded?

To see plain-speaking Yorkshiremen arrested just for speaking plainly, as was once every Yorshireman's birthright?

It pains us to tell you this, but post-war generations have squandered the priceless legacy that you and your comrades left.

They traded our national cultures, freedoms and security for something called 'diversity'; exchanged gold for lead.

You may be thinking, Sergeant Bilsborough, that your sacrifice was in vain, that it was all for nought.

But you'd be wrong.

Because millions of people across Britain have seen your face and know your name.

And, nearly 80 years on, you and your fallen comrades still inspire us.

Inspire us to resist the evil forces that would corrupt and destroy everything you believed in and fought for.

Inspire us to overcome our fears and endure hardships that are as nothing compared to the terrible dangers you faced.

We promise to keep your memory alive by passing to future generations the priceless freedom you passed to us, and by taking our beautiful country back.

Rest in peace, Sergeant Bilsborough,

from the Patriots of Britain First


Sergeant (Air Gunner) Peter William Bilsborough (service # 1050632) served with the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. He drowned aged just 21 in November 1941 after the Wellington Bomber he was flying in suffered engine failure, caught fire and fell into the sea.

West Yorkshire Police are investigating the attack on the graves at Hirst Wood burial ground in Shipley.

Don't let their sacrifice be in vain - become a Britain First activist today.


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