A preview of future Britain

Government enforced multiculturalism and multiracialism breed many dangers, including anti-English hatred and violence:

An Afghan asylum seeker who allegedly attacked random members of the public with a knife was 'fuelled' by a desire to kill English people, a court heard.

Samiulahaq Akbari, 32, is accused of swinging a 10ins kitchen knife at three 'total strangers' within a 10-minute period in Thornton Heath and Croydon in south London after 'demanding to know their nationality'.

Jurors at the Old Bailey in London were told he approached the first alleged victim, Nicholas Speight, in a Tesco Extra in Thornton Heath on January 8, tapping him on the shoulder.

After Mr Speight confirmed he was English, Akbari allegedly 'took a powerful swing at him' with the blade.

Within 10 minutes or so he allegedly pulled a knife on two other men 'fuelled with the same intention' in Croydon...


[The prosecutor] read extracts from transcripts of the 'frantic' 999 calls made by Akbari's cousin in which he told the operator: 'He said he wants to kill the English people. I can see his eyes, he's serious.'

The video is a preview of a possible future Britain, because such crimes will increase in number as white Britons become easy-target minorities in more neighbourhoods, towns and cities.

The only sure way to prevent this nightmare is to halt and reverse mass immigration of unassimilable third-worlders.


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