ACQUITTED: Paul Golding found NOT guilty by magistrates!

Today, party leader Paul Golding was found not guilty by Bromley Magistrate's Court for allegedly breaching his probation. 

This prosecution has been ongoing since November of last year. 

Today, during the trial, both Paul and his probation officer gave evidence in the witness box.

The sequence of events were laid bare before the court and the magistrates retired to make a decision. 

When they re-emerged twenty minutes later, they found Paul not guilty of breaching his probation licence. 

This is the second time that the National Probation Service has tried to send Paul back to prison for allegedly breaching their rules. 

On both occasions, the court has decided that Paul did nothing wrong.

Paul would like to say thank you to everyone who chipped in to his legal fund.

This is a great victory for the patriot movement in general.

Paul only has two outstanding prosecutions now, both in Northern Ireland.


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