An analysis of the Wellingborough by-election results by Paul Golding

It is no surprise that I was very disappointed by the results of the Wellingborough by-election.

But over the last two days I have had time to digest and unpack the results and come to a set of strong conclusions.

The results from Wellingborough left me completely baffled.

We deployed a professional campaign, with lots of new innovations, but that did not translate into a strong result - quite the contrary.

We chose to contest the Wellingborough by-election because of the strong Brexit vote back in 2016.

We realise now that this was a hollow and sloppy methodology to select elections.

It turns out that Wellingborough is nowadays a stronghold of left-wing politics, regardless of what happened eight years ago in the referendum.

Just five months ago, Britain First rocked the political world by beating the Liberal Democrats, the Greens and UKIP in the Tamworth by-election.

This was a ‘scarily high vote’, according to one left-winger on X/Twitter.

This time, in Wellingborough, a lesbian with a ‘save the trees’ t-shirt achieved double the vote we received.

All the hard-left parties in Wellingborough polled very, very well.

The Lib-Dems, the Greens and two extreme left-wing independents easily beat Britain First.

Despite all the problems in this country, Labour easily defeated everyone else by a large margin.

Even if you combined the Conservative and Reform vote on the night, Labour would still have won by a comfortable margin.

The only logical conclusion?

Wellingborough is a staunch lefty area and we miscalculated it’s potential for our party.

For Britain First specifically, Wellingborough is a dud area.

Does location matter? Of course.

Imagine Britain First standing in the LGBT, Green Party-run city of Brighton?

We’d be lucky if we received a single vote!

But in Tamworth we romped home to a great result that scared the establishment.

Miscalculating Wellingborough has taught us an urgently needed lesson and nudged us to overhaul our approach to these elections.

Regardless of the fact that Wellingborough is a staunch lefty area, we were completely overwhelmed by the rotten ‘Reform UK’ party.

The media is currently in overdrive promoting Reform.

You may ask why the establishment media would be so enthusiastic in promoting a supposed patriot alternative to the old-gang Westminster parties?

There are two reasons.

The first is that the establishment can see that the old-gang Westminster parties are despised by a majority of voters.

Everyone in this country is fed up and angry.

To head off any genuine nationalist party, like Britain First, from making serious headway off the back of this general discontent, the establishment is diverting any protest votes into a safe, dead-end.

The second reason is that the left-wing establishment media is desperate to get Labour back into power to accelerate the destruction of this country.

To achieve this, they are promoting Reform to split the Tory vote to let Labour in.

This seems to be working, with Labour winning seat after seat in supposedly ‘safe’ Tory areas.

In Wellingborough, Reform was boosted tremendously by the same establishment media they pretend to hate.

Likewise, Reform deployed vast resources and a huge sum of money to try and win Wellingborough.

They threw everything except the kitchen sink at Wellingborough, but still only managed a distant third place.

In my estimation, Reform spent somewhere in the region of £150,000 on the Wellingborough by-election.

Coupled with relentless promotion by the media, they effectively ‘sucked the oxygen out of the room’ and gobbled up all the protest votes.

It’s a supreme irony that vast numbers of ‘patriots’ are voting for Reform because they have been told to do so by the establishment media!

If Reform were a threat to the establishment, if they were a genuine and authentic patriotic alternative to Westminster, they would be attacked, demonised and slandered by the media.

But they are not, they are given a ‘leg up’ by the establishment media.

Reform is given daily prime-time TV news coverage – compare that to the way Britain First is treated, or Tommy Robinson.

But in Wellingborough, Reform were given so much promotion that they effectively hoovered up all the votes that should have gone to Britain First.

‘Job done’, you can almost hear the establishment say.

Compared to the Tamworth by-election, the Reform vote quadrupled.

This was achieved only by relentless coverage and promotion by the lamestream media.

Why would the lamestream media give such generous and relentless coverage to a threat to Westminster?

They wouldn’t, it’s as simple as that.

So, for these reasons, the Britain First vote was surprisingly low, especially when compared to Tamworth and our local election results.

Politics can sometimes throw up strange and bewildering results.

Wellingborough was such an occasion.

The left-wing parties (and independents) polled tremendously, but the right-wing vote was hoovered up by Reform, who had the media singing their praises.

Voters have not yet grasped the concept that if a party is promoted by the media, they are certainly an establishment ‘safe’ party.

If you cast your mind back to the 1990s and before that, the Liberal Democrats occupied the space now being enjoyed by Reform.

Decades ago, if you did not want to vote for Tory or Labour, you could vote for the third party of politics, the Liberal Democrats.

This kept the establishment nice and safe.

Nowadays, if you dislike both Tory and Labour, you can vote for Reform.

It’s all very cosy and safe for the establishment.

Voters get angry, they vote Reform to vent that anger, nothing happens, business as usual for the establishment.

This is why Reform is promoted and facilitated by the establishment, and not harassed, censored or slandered.

Labour is on track for a huge victory in November’s general election.

When that happens, the working class will not be under any obligation to vote Labour just to get the rotten and hated Tories out, like they are currently doing.

They will quickly abandon Labour again, as soon as they realise Labour are even worse than the Tories.

Reform will be submerged by a revitalised Tory party with new faces and new leaders.

Reform is already in disarray because they were expecting to win Wellingborough, but they didn’t even get close to beating the disgraced ex-MP’s girlfriend, who stood as the Tory candidate.

Despite spending over one hundred grand, despite the relentless media promotion, they only came third.

All I am seeing online is demoralisation from Reform supporters because they failed to actually win Wellingborough.

When Reform contests the upcoming general election, and fights every seat in the country, spending millions of pounds, they won’t win a single seat, and apocalyptic demoralisation will set in.

Then their rank-and-file will return to the Tories under a new leader like Suella Braverman, and Reform will be doomed.

All of the above will herald the true moment of opportunity for Britain First.

With Labour in power wrecking everything, the Tories trying to relaunch and reorganise, and Reform being overshadowed by the ‘New Tories’, the political landscape will be fundamentally transformed in our favour.

We are obviously becoming a force to be reckoned with, despite the absurd vote in Wellingborough.

Our political struggle is not going to be a ‘straight road’ of constantly increasing electoral performances.

We are going to experience setbacks and bizarre, inexplicable results along the way.

We have to take the rough with the smooth, the good with the bad.

We achieved a great vote in Tamworth, but a poor result in Wellingborough.

The main question is, why?

What’s the difference between the two results, and what can we do better next time.

This is a time for analysis and introspection.

Regardless of the result, perhaps the main benefit to our movement of standing in Wellingborough was rolling out a number of new innovations, such as the video adverts.

This experience is priceless and will help our party dramatically in the years to come.

Saving our nation from the Westminster politicians is going to be a marathon, not a sprint.

We are going to witness hardship, setbacks, delays, stumbles, obstacles, reversals and defeats.

It’s not going to be ‘plain sailing’ by any means.

For these reasons, I am quickly moving on from Wellingborough and re-focusing on the upcoming local and London elections.

In the meantime, the entire leadership team is going to be analysing the Wellingborough result, and trying to figure out what we can do better in the future.

In the end, Britain First won’t be defined by its victories, but by its obstinate refusal to allow ‘setbacks’ to slacken our determination to save our nation.

We will take Wellingborough ‘on the chin’ and bounce back even stronger, treating this by-election as a harsh learning curve.

There are many lessons to be gleaned from Wellingborough, and if anyone can take these lessons and apply them to make us stronger, it’s Britain First.

I have been involved in nationalist politics for 25 years, so I know how long it takes to get things right.

I also know how setbacks must be treated to make you stronger, and not allow them to de-rail you.

Britain First has a bright future in politics because we are in it for the long term.

We will never take a step back or slow down because we care about our children’s future.

Britain First is the answer to our problems, but we will only emerge victorious if we never falter or allow ourselves to be discouraged.

In early May, elections for local councils till take place, as will elections for Mayor of London.

Britain First will be fighting both of these elections with maximum vigour and determination.

Britain First is going to fight till the bitter end to secure a future for British children.

It may take a long time and much hardship, but in the end, we will take our country back.

Onwards and upwards.

Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First

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