ANNOUNCEMENT: Britain First leadership changes

We have some exciting news to report this evening.

Today, our spring Conference ratified a proposed change to the leadership structure of our party.

These new changes are in response to our rapidly blossoming prospects as a political party.

For some time now, the senior management of our party has been pondering ways to increase the public appeal of our party.

We are not the fringe organisation we once were, but a serious and influential force in British politics. 

To keep 'ahead of the curve', so to speak, a major overhaul of our party leadership has been implemented.

Instead of a single leader, as we have traditionally had, Britain First will now be led by two 'co-leaders', Paul Golding and Ashlea Simon.

Paul will be focussing more on his usual endeavours, activities on the streets to make a strong impact.

Ashlea will be heading up the new political wing of the party, and focussing on elections and public relations.

This new plan was first discussed - and voted on (unanimously) - by the leadership body of Britain First (the 'Party Assembly') on Thursday evening.

Today, the new plan was put to the assembled delegates at our spring Conference (pictured).

Under the Britain First 'Constitution', the 'Conference' is the ultimate decision making body of our movement.

Today's Conference voted 100% in favour of the new leadership plan.

Paul and Ashlea are now both co-leaders of Britain First.

Ashlea is politically astute and will head our political and electoral efforts going forward.

This plan is similar to what patriotic and nationalist movements are doing across the Western world.

There is a similar leadership set-up with the main patriot parties in France, Germany, Italy, Denmark etc.

Paul's vision for Britain First from day one is that we will be both a street movement and a political party.

But both endeavours require a different approach, hence the adoption of two co-leaders who will focus primarily on their own 'wing' of the movement.

There are exciting times ahead for Britain First, and we intend to become a true mass movement, both politically and on the streets.

Ashlea is the perfect candidate to head the electoral and political efforts for Britain First, as she has consistently been the highest polling election candidate for several years now.

Ashlea boasts quite the CV of political scalps.

Ashlea has defeated the Tories, the Lib-Dems, the Greens, UKIP and Reform, both at local and parliamentary level.

Because of this, the far-left extremist organisation 'Hope Not Hate' has described her as our 'perennial candidate' because she keeps polling so well at the ballot box.

Paul is more than happy, as a 25-year veteran of the nationalist struggle, to welcome Ashlea as co-leader of Britain First and the head of our new political wing.

On Monday, we will send you a full report of our Conference held today in the midlands.

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