Anti-LGBT protesters at Birmingham school hit by injunction

A series of protests by anti-LGBT campaigners and parents outside Anderton Park School in Birmingham have been temporarily halted by a High Court injunction brought about by Birmingham City Council.

The temporary order bans campaigners from an exclusion zone in the streets surrounding the school, which had seen noisy protests almost every day over the previous three months in an attempt to remove lessons on LGBT issues from the school curriculum.

The school does not teach 'No Outsiders' - the programme that teaches children about LGBT identities - but it does share equality messages and books with pupils.

It was reported last month that the protests had been hijacked by 'those with a religious, extremist, agenda'.

However, many parents with children at the school are Muslim, and Islamic doctrine forbids any expression of homosexuality on pain of death.

The Children's Commissioner for England, Anne Longfield, voiced her support for teachers at the school and said that pupils 'had the right to take part' in such lessons.


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