Australia: School gives 'safe sex' tips to 6-year-old pupils

A health notice, signed by the principal, described graphic details of oral and anal sex

Friday 23 August, QUEENSLAND - Parents were 'absolutely mortified' after a school in Australia gave children as young as six letters with graphic descriptions on oral and anal sex.

Ipswich West State School's letter gave explicit details on safe sex and included ways for both genders to perform oral sex and the best practice to use condoms safely.

It was written after the harmless viral infection molluscum contagiosum was detected in the school in Ipswich in Queensland, Australia. But parents shared their disgust at the note.

One dad told : 'But what type of education system/staff do we have in this state that thought it was fine (signed off by the principal) to hand primary school children a letter which describes sexual intercourse and fellatio?'

'In a day and age where it is hard enough to protect our kids from unlimited/unfiltered information online it's disappointing that his first exposure to such a topic almost came from his school in grade one.'

The letter, signed by the principal, describes graphic details of oral and anal sex.

Under the heading 'prevention', students are advised they 'should not have sex with someone who has a visible lump or sore on or near the genitals. If a sexual partner has a genital lump or ulcer, advise that person to have a sexual health check.'

'Practise safer sex. Always using condoms with water-based lubricant when you have vaginal or anal sex is the best way to avoid getting an STI.'

'The water-based lubricants reduce the risk of the condom breaking. Oil-based lubricants should not be used as they weaken the condom and may cause it to break.'

'If you are giving a man oral sex (his penis in your mouth), then he should wear a condom.'

'It does not matter whether you are male or female, if you put your mouth in contact with your partner’s anus or vulva while having sex, you should use a dental dam.'

The Department of Education in Australia said: 'The safety and wellbeing of students and staff is the highest priority of the Department of Education.'

'This week, following medical advice, Ipswich West State School issued a health notice to all parents and carers on a condition called molluscum contagiosum.'

'An administrative error resulted in an incorrect fact sheet accompanying the notice - the school apologises for any distress that may have been caused by the provision of information that is not considered age-appropriate.The school is communicating with parents and is working to provide more age-appropriate information.'

Speaking on behalf of the school, the spokeswoman added: 'Parents concerned about the health of their child are encouraged to seek medical advice.'

Editor's comment - There was a time where such 'administrative errors' would have resulted in the firing of the person concerned, given the deleterious effect that such exposure has on young and impressionable primary school children. At the very least, the principal of the school, having put their name to the letter, should resign forthwith.


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