Best Counter-Jihad Posters

Anti-Islamisation parties and organisations across Europe are achieving success way ahead of their UK counterparts.

That's mostly to do with proportional representation, the prevailing system of voting in Europe that makes it much easier for smaller parties to win seats. Still, we can learn a lot from continental methods of organisation and communication.

In this visual age, images are crucial to winning hearts and minds and - perhaps surprisingly - the humble street poster still packs a powerful punch.

Below is a selection of some of the more effective poster images that have emerged from the West's ongoing battle against jihad and Islamisation.

1. 'Islam-free schools!' - AfD

This poster, published by the patriotic AfD (Alternative for Germany) party during its 2018 Bavarian state election campaign, uses a joyous photo of ethnically European children to promote 'German core culture!' and 'Islam-free schools!'.

AfD wants an end to Islamic indoctrination in German schools - just as Britain First wants an end to Islamic indoctrination in British schools.

2. 'Islam does not belong in Germany' - AfD

An earlier, highly effective set of AfD posters combined various images of Islamisation with a common slogan: 'Der Islam gehört nicht zu Deutschland!' ('Islam does not belong to/in Germany!'):

To which we can only add: in Britain neither!

3. Turban-bomb prophet - Kurt Westergaard

Kurt Westergaard's notorious Mohammed turban-bomb cartoon has graced numerous posters, enraging both Muslims and the Left for flagrantly violating two of their most sacred taboos: depicting the 'prophet' (considered blasphemy by many Muslims); and (via the turban-bomb motif) explicitly linking The Religion of PeaceTM to terrorism. Disgraceful!

This was one of 12 Mohammed cartoons first published in 2005 in Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten for the purpose of reasserting freedom of expression.

The Islamic world responded with violent demonstrations, attacks on Christians and assassination attempts on the cartoonist, who is now under 24-hour police protection.

4. 'Let's Talk About It' - Luton Borough Council

The poster below is from Luton Council's 'Let's Talk About It' campaign ('working together to prevent terrorism'), a collaboration with Bedfordshire Police.

It claims (post 7/7, Lee Rigby, Westminster, Manchester Arena, London Bridge) that 'there is no typical profile of UK-based violent extremists'. At least half of the faces appear to be white British.

We think the campaign should be renamed: 'Let's Talk About Everything Except You-Know-What!'

Official posters like these are so absurd and implausible as to make them propaganda for our cause. Keep up the good work, councillors!

5. Burka-octopus - Noma Bar(?)

This illustration publicised a book by French author Gérald Bronner ('specialist in cognitive sociology', ha!) entitled Prévenir la Radicalisation, C'est Possible ('Preventing Radicalisation Is Possible').

Wishful thinking, probably - but the burka-octopus image is undeniably powerful.

6. 'Sharia Free Zone' - British Freedom Party

This attention-grabbing flier (from the now defunct British Freedom Party) is a spoof of the infamous 'Sharia Controlled Zone' fliers that appeared in British cities in 2011, courtesy of hate preacher Anjem Choudary's gang:

7. 'Rapefugees not welcome!' - PEGIDA(?)

Another excellent spoof, this time of the nauseating 'Refugees welcome' banners held up by ditzy women in Germany and elsewhere at the time of the 'refugee crisis':

The text alludes to the shocking over-representation of 'refugees' and other third-world immigrants in Western European sex-crime statistics, and brings to mind the New Year's Eve 2015/16 terror, when 1,200 women were sexually assaulted in Cologne city centre by men mostly of 'Arab or North African appearance'.

8. 'Stop - Yes to the minaret ban' - Popular Initiative Against Minarets

In the run-up to the Swiss minaret referendum of 2009, the main group opposing minarets ran a poster campaign around the slogan, 'Stop - Yes to the minaret ban'. The striking red, black and white image shows a niqab-covered woman with serried minarets atop the Swiss flag:

The group argued that the minaret is 'a symbol of a claim of religious-political power' and quoted Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (now President of Turkey), who said: 'Mosques are our barracks, domes our helmets, minarets our bayonets, believers our soldiers.'

Fortunately, their campaign was successful: a constitutional amendment banning construction of new minarets was approved by 57.5% of voters.

9. 'Freedom or Islam? You choose!' - Vlaams Belang

As part of a 'Women Against Islamisation' campaign, Belgian nationalist party Vlaams Belang ran this poster featuring party leader Filip Dewinter's 19-year-old daughter in a burka-bikini ensemble:

The slogan 'Freedom or Islam?' covers An-Sofie Dewinter's chest; 'You choose!' covers her crotch.

Despite receiving death threats, the teenager was unrepentant: 'As women,' she said, 'we must choose: freedom or Islam.'

10. 'Souvenir from Huddersfield' - George Whale

Finally, here's one I made earlier:

I wanted to make the point that many English towns once famous for positive things - Telford (the Iron Bridge), Rotherham (iron and steel), Huddersfield (Rugby League and Harold Wilson) - have now become infamous worldwide for Pakistani Muslim rape gangs.

A terrible stain on their history, that will never be erased.


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