BREAKING: Britain First to contest the upcoming Tamworth parliamentary by-election

By Paul Golding - Last night, at a meeting of the 'Party Assembly', all the officers present voted in favour of an exciting new campaign.

The vote was unanimous, so I am very glad to make the announcement.

Recently, a disgusting, sleazy Conservative MP called Chris Pincher (below) was found guilty of groping two men at a nightclub in London.

He resigned his seat in Parliament.

This has triggered a parliamentary by-election in his seat of Tamworth, a town near Birmingham.

Tamworth voted strongly in favour of Brexit.

Tamworth is home to multiple migrant hotels, all of them exposed by Britain First previously.

Tamworth is filled up with 'white flight' from Birmingham and other multicultural areas of the West Midlands.

In the past, Tamworth has elected several UKIP local councillors.

The Conservatives are in disarray and Labour is still universally hated and haven't traditionally polled well in Tamworth.

Britain First is primed and ready for action.

Our Battle Bus fleet is back on the road.

We now have a huge presence on X/Twitter, reaching millions of new people.

Last year, when we contested the parliamentary by-election in Wakefield, we didn't have X/Twitter.

Regardless, we still received a vote that was similar to the likes of Reform, the Lib-Dems and the Greens, despite it being a first time effort and despite police sabotage and persecution.

We have everything to gain, and nothing to lose. 

Because of all the factors listed above, the 'Party Assembly' voted in favour of Britain First contesting the parliamentary by-election, taking place on Thursday 19 October.

Our candidate is party dynamo, Ashlea Simon (below).

All of the paperwork for Britain First to stand in this by-election has been completed and is due to be handed in over the next few days.

The official announcement of the candidates will be made next Monday. 

Our campaign will be launched with a 'day of action' this Saturday.

Part of our strategy is to present Britain First as a 'political party' to the electorate, so voters become accustomed to the idea that we are a political option.

This by-election is another perfect opportunity to cement our new reputation as a credible political contender.

Britain First is going to roll out a stupendous campaign for this by-election.

We are going to use all of the experience from previous election campaigns and deploy them, and more, in this by-election.

The immediate task is to get a load of campaign leaflets and Battle Bus banners printed. 

This is now urgent, because we launch our campaign this Saturday. 

Therefore, we only have a few days to get ourselves organised. 

We need all dedicated, staunch patriots to help us launch our campaign!

Please chip in without delay so that we can order our first campaign leaflets and banners.

Then our activists can descend on Tamworth this Saturday!

Whatever you can afford, whether it be £20, £10 or even £5, please chip in asap.

Please donate below:

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