BREAKING: Paul Golding CHARGED under the Terrorism Act 2000

By Paul Golding - Something very bad has happened and I want to share it with you asap.

As you know, Britain First has been booming lately.

Relentless activities, Twitter viral storms, lots of media publicity, hundreds of thousands of video views and so on. 

Our movement has regained all the ground it lost when our social media was closed down and I was sent to prison back in 2018. 

Our incessant activities, especially on the grooming front, are making the authorities very anxious.

As you may have seen on Telegram, I am constantly being pulled over now by the police in my car.

Twice in the last week or so!

Even some of our regional organisers - like Paul Rudge in the West Midlands - are being harassed by the police for Mickey Mouse 'offences'.

So it is plainly obvious that the police are terrified of a resurgent Britain First, especially since we are suing the Electoral Commission (more on that in a few days) and want to storm politics. 

Britain First is their worst nightmare!

So, how can they derail our movement again?

How can they cause maximum damage?

I have the answer, it came through the post a few days ago.

You may remember back in October, I returned from a successful trip to the Russian Parliament and the Kremlin in Moscow. 

When I returned to Heathrow airport, I was ambushed by a large group of officers from 'SO15 Counter Terrorism Command':

They kept me in custody for twenty-four hours and they confiscated my mobile phone, my laptop and my hard-drive.

I was released 'under investigation', below:

We immediately threatened S015 with court action for the return of my devices and within a few days, they buckled. 

You may remember I travelled back to Heathrow to collect my devices from two SO15 officers below:

Since then, nearly six months has passed. 

A few days ago, I received the letter below in the post, informing me that they are charging me with refusing to give them the pincodes for my mobile phone and laptop etc:

The above is a letter from the Metropolitan Police, namely a Muslim officer from 'SO15 Counter Terrorism Command'.

I also received a summons and charge sheet along with the letter:

I have to appear at Westminster Magistrate's Court next Thursday the 27th February at 9.30am to answer the charge. 

Obviously I will be pleading not guilty

Nevertheless, they left it nearly six months because they know that to charge me in this situation would be a very weak legal case. 

But, considering the major impact Britain First is making around the country, they are simply going for it regardless, to hell with the consequences. 

They have to try and slow me down somehow!

Even though this is the Terrorism Act 2000, the offence contained within (Schedule 7) is a summary offence, which means it must be heard in a magistrate's court.

The maximum sentence in prison I can receive is six months, three of which I will do in prison. 

You see, the time limit on a magistrate's offence is six months.

After that, they cannot pursue it in the courts any longer.

So they waited until the last moment and decided to go for it regardless of the weak nature of their case against me.

I specifically remember, when the SO15 officers were interrogating me, I asked them plainly:

'This legislation is to be used when someone is suspected of terrorism. Do you suspect me of terrorism?'

The officer in front of me said, 'No'.

This will all be played in court as evidence, and I cannot wait!

So why are the police pursuing this?

It's very simple:

1) They hope that being prosecuted and harassed in the courts will moderate our campaigns and activities around the country. 

2) They are desperate for me to have a conviction under the Terrorism Act 2000.

The latter point is especially important for them, because then the fake news media can constantly describe me in the future as a man who has a terrorism conviction!

That would be very helpful for the media who are constantly engaging in character assassination of patriots.

But ask yourself, if the police did not suspect me of terrorism, then why should I simply hand them the keys to my mobile phone, laptop or hard-drive?

I did what I do best, and told them to sod off and take a running jump!

I am not a pushover, nor a coward, who will plead guilty to avoid a prison sentence.

I did nothing wrong, so I am not guilty all the way. 

I am not scared, or worried about the police bullies harassing me. 

They have me all wrong:

When they pull my car over for a search, or arrest me for some silly offence, or drag me through the courts, they keep neglecting to consider the fact that I am an Englishman who they cannot brow-beat into submission!

If anything, these constant acts of harassment and legal attacks strengthen me and make me more determined!

But, I cannot ignore the fact that I am being prosecuted under terrorism legislation, so I am taking this deadly seriously. 

Now for the good news:

Today, I instructed a solicitor to represent me who is an expert in cases involving terrorism legislation. 

He is going to represent me next Thursday at Westminster Magistrate's Court and is busy preparing for it. 

He has also informed me that he will bring in a barrister who also does the majority of their work within terrorism law.

Last time they sent me to prison I was attacked by Islamist prison gangs.

They literally throw patriots to the wolves in prison!

I have no doubt that one of the primary hopes that the establishment has is that, when I am sent to prison, I will be killed by Islamist gangs. 

Last time, the gangs only managed to inflict injuries. 

This time, they could succeed. 

Every time I go to prison, my life is literally in danger. 

Do the authorities care? 

No, they would relish my death if it happened!

I don't want these things to keep happening to me, but it is out of my hands. 

I would rather just go about my lawful business in peace, but the police keep attacking me.

They hope to grind me down and wear out my will to carry on the fight. 

I will be honest, to be in my shoes is very hard indeed and involves a lot of suffering and hardship.

But, as an honoured leader of this movement, I know they are going to keep coming for me, and I know it is part of my role to fight these acts of persecution by the state to the bitter end, until I am spitting blood!

So, the timing of this is out of my hands this time.

I would rather just get on with productive activities, but the establishment is going to try and engineer my downfall again!

So, I have to ask my supporters to stand with me shoulder-to-shoulder, again. 

Another thing the establishment hopes to achieve, is that, by attacking me over and over again, my supporters will end up switching off and not helping me, sealing my doom. 

They underestimate us!

I am going to walk into court next Thursday with my head held high knowing that I have millions of Britain First patriots around the world who are with me in spirit. 

The words 'No surrender!' are written through my DNA like a stick of seaside rock!

As this will be a major case involving serious consequences, and the fact that I need to get the very best legal representation that money can buy, I have set up a crowdfunding page for £15,000.

Imagine right now being in my shoes:

If I don't beat this rap, I will go to prison, if I go to prison, I will be set about by Islamist gangs, like last time, when they launched a sneak attack on me in my cell and in the end, the police refused to prosecute them and gave them a 'no further action'!

Britain First is under pressure at the moment because we are making such rapid progress. 

Otherwise, they wouldn't bother harassing us!

Can I depend on your unwavering support in my darkest hour?

I will fight them all the way, until the day my heart stops beating!

Can I count on your help?

Please chip in here:

Yours sincerely,
Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First

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