BREAKING: Paul Golding receives grovelling apology from Staffordshire Police for abusive officer

When party leader Paul Golding and team were driving down the M6 motorway on their way to a day of activities in the Britain First battle bus, they were ambushed by Staffordshire Police.

Our minibus was surrounded by multiple unmarked police vehicles and instructed to follow them.

They drove into the local DVSA Doxey Weighbridge facility, where our minibus was subjected to forensic vehicle checks.

During this saga, one of the police officers (above) was abusive and rude to party leader Paul Golding.

After our team - and minibus - were released without any sanctions whatsoever, Paul submitted a complaint to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC).

It took a few weeks, but finally Paul received a call from an inspector from Staffordshire Police who apologised on behalf of the force for the behaviour of the errant officer.

The inspector also confirmed that Staffordshire Police was reviewing bodycam footage recorded by the officer in question during other incidents, to check whether he had used abusive language with any other member of the public.

Successful complaints like this help to moderate the behaviour of the Police State towards Britain First.

Britain First will never sit back and allow our leaders or activists to be abused by impertinent police bullies.

Here is the official video of the incident:

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