Britain First submits official complaint against the Guardian for inaccuracy and deception

Britain First HQ has lodged an official complaint to the Independent Press Standards Organisation against the Guardian for inaccuracy and deception.

The Guardian is, once again, up to its usual tricks of misleading the public and disseminating left-wing propaganda.

The Guardian is spinning their latest anti-Britain First article to make it seem Britain First was “duped” by a gaggle of pro-immigration leftists.

Britain First obviously didn’t visit any of the bogus submissions by leftist idiots, such as the Dorchester hotel in London, but that hasn't stopped the Guardian from concocting a ridiculous smear article.

The journalist in question even cut Britain First leader Paul Golding's quote in half so it carried less weight and removed key facts.

Paul gave an example (The Chimney House Hotel, Sandbach) as an example of an illegal immigrant hotel that was recently cleared out.

Why use half a quote?

This is deliberate deception and fake news from the far-left Guardian.

This is the text of the complaint sent to the Independent Press Standards Organisation:

Dear IPSO,
The Guardian has misrepresented the facts in an article, which can be found here:
The headline is: "Britain First duped into protesting at hotels with no asylum seekers"
The issue is that I provided a quote to the journalist in question, Diane Taylor, which was then changed/altered to change the substance.
This was the full quote that was emailed to Ms Taylor today (27-04-21):
"Yes, loads of bogus submissions were inputted by left-wing, pro-migrant activists, but these were filtered out very easily. The hotels we visited were 100% being used - up until recently - to house illegal immigrants. For example, the Chimney House Hotel in Sandbach was housing illegal immigrants up until recently, as confirmed by the staff. We are not daft enough to go to the Dorchester hotel, these type of bogus submissions were removed immediately."
This is the quote that was published in the article in question:
“Yes, loads of bogus submissions were inputted by leftwing, pro-migrant activists, but these were filtered out very easily. The hotels we visited were 100% being used – up until recently – to house illegal immigrants.”
The refusal to publish the quote in its entirety removed key facts that contradicted the claims made in the article/headline.
Ms Taylor removed key elements because they contained references to facts that contradicted the narrative that is promoted by this article.
This amounts to dishonest journalism and a distortion of the key facts of the story.
I request that Ms Taylor be asked to publish my reply in full or that the article itself is removed.
Yours sincerely
Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First

The article in question can be found by CLICKING HERE.

We await the result from IPSO of our official complaint. 

When we receive a reply, we will inform our supporters immediately.

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