Can Señor Smith slay the Islamist bull?

In 1964 at the age of 22, Frank Evans left Salford for Spain to follow his dream of becoming a professional bullfighter.

Against all the odds, and despite a comically disastrous first fight where the bull ran away with his cape (it was retrieved by local children), Frank eventually realised his dream to become a celebrated matador, known to Spaniards as El Inglés, 'The Englishman'.

Astonishingly, despite six serious gorings, major heart surgery, a knee replacement and numerous death threats from animal rights fanatics, Frank is still going at 76.


Meanwhile in Spain, another courageous man with an English name is taking on an even more dangerous foe: radical Islam.

He is Spanish-Argentine lawyer Javier Ortega Smith (pictured below) a former soldier with the Spanish 'green berets' (similar to our SAS), and founder and Secretary General of fast-growing populist party, Vox (Latin for 'voice').

Señor Smith says he's 'willing to shed every last drop of his blood for Spain', whose history he believes is inextricably 'linked to the sword and the cross'.

He's an outspoken critic of mass immigration and Islamisation, and his party - which sees itself as the standard bearer for free speech and traditional Spanish values – holds particular scorn for ETA terrorists, communists, border-crossing migrants, multiculturalism, Femen activists and Islamic State.

Predictably, Spain's Traitor Class (every Western European country has one) are using their 'hate speech' laws to try to silence him and disrupt the party's activities.

Following a complaint by a group called 'Muslims Against Islamophobia' (Musulmanes Contra la Islamofobia), prosecutors have launched a criminal investigation of Ortega Smith for a speech he gave in Valencia last September, in which he referred to an 'Islamist invasion':

Spain is facing threats from internal and external enemies. The internal enemies are perfectly identifiable: the [Catalan] separatists, the friends of [Basque] terrorists, those who want to tear our nation apart....

The external enemies want to tell us how to run our country.... Angela Merkel and her fellow travelers, George Soros, the immigration mafias, believe that they can tell us who can and cannot enter our country. They demand that our boats pluck so-called castaways out of the sea, transfer them to our ports and shower them with money. Who do they think we are? We say enough is enough....

We will unite our voice with those of millions of Europeans who also are standing up. Those voices are saying, long live Germany, long live Switzerland, long live France, long live Great Britain. These Europeans understand the need to respect national sovereignty and national identity. They have no intention of being diluted into the magma of European multiculturalism.

Together we will be stronger against the common enemy that has a very clear name. I will not stop saying it. Our common enemy, the enemy of Europe, the enemy of freedom, the enemy of progress, the enemy of democracy, the enemy of the family, the enemy of life, the enemy of the future is called the Islamist invasion.

What is at stake is what we understand or know as civilization. It is under serious threat. We are not alone. More and more Europeans are standing up because they are suffering in their cities, on their streets and in their neighborhoods due to the application of Sharia law. They are not willing to have their cathedrals torn down and forcibly replaced with mosques.

… They are not willing to extinguish what we understand as civilization and a respect for rights and freedom.

If found guilty, Mr Ortega Smith faces a prison term of up to four years.

Vox was formed in 2013, and though still relatively small has put the fear of God in Spain's treacherous ruling establishment - who no longer crow about Spain being 'populism-free'.

The fledgling party is predicted to win up to 12 percent of the vote in the national election on 28th April, which could give them around 37 parliamentary seats and the balance of power in a coalition centre-right government.

Vox is a terrific example of what can be achieved when a dedicated cadre of patriots is able to connect with the long-suffering majority, whilst brushing off the slanders of socialists and nation-hating 'progressives'.

The party's president, Santiago Abascal put it this way:

If you love your country, you are called a xenophobe and a fascist. If you say immigration needs to be controlled, you are racist and fascist. If you love tradition, you are backward and fascist. And if you dislike abusive taxes, you are selfish and fascist.

I don't care if they’re progressives or communists, [or] the cowardly right, … we will wear the insults like medals on our chest.

Vox lives so that Spain may live. ¡Viva España!

Let's pray that Spain's patriots continue to show the same courage and discipline in the political arena as their bygone heroes in the bullring, and - like Englishman-turned-bus-pass-matador Frank Evans - never give up fighting.


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