Canada: 'People's Party' leader Maxime Bernier discusses 'Islamist' threat

Liberal Party 'infested with Islamists'; Canada suffering from 'stench of cultural relativism and political Islam.'

Thursday 22 August, GATINEAU — Islamic extremists are infiltrating Canadian political parties, Maxime Bernier told reporters Sunday, alleging that political party leaders are playing footsie with them to get votes.

The leader of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC) was responding to questions about whether he shares views espoused by the guest speaker at his party’s inaugural conference. Benjamin Dichter contended that the Liberal Party of Canada is 'infested with Islamiscists' and that Canada is suffering from 'the stench of cultural relativism and political Islam.'

Standing shoulder to shoulder with Dichter, a last-minute 2015 Conservative candidate stand-in in Toronto–Danforth, Bernier offered some of his own views.

'If we don’t talk about this now, and we don’t talk about immigration at the same time, our country risks become something it isn’t, in 25 or 50 years,' he said, in French.

Liberal spokesman Braeden Caley called Bernier’s comments 'another disappointing example of today’s conservative politicians doubling down on divisive politics and completely ignoring the facts.'

In his speech, Bernier noted his is the only party willing to talk openly about the 'Islamist menace.'

'The People’s Party of Canada welcomes Muslims and those of all other faiths who want to live according to Canadian values: separation of church and state, the equality of women and men. The PPC wants fewer immigrants and a stop to irregular refugees.'

'We are against mass immigration, but we are for immigration,' Bernier said, noting his party wants to increase the percentage of economic immigrants. Pointing to social cohesion problems in Europe and in Britain, Bernier said he doesn’t want the same issues replicated in Canada because of new immigrants who don’t share the same values. The PPC wants face-to-face interviews with all would-be newcomers to gauge their potential for integration.

Editor's comment - Maxime Bernier deserves support for his relatively realistic stance on the 'Islamist menace.' This contrasts strongly with the policies of Justin Trudeau, who openly welcomes Islamic terrorists and the shutting down of freedom of speech for those who criticise him. Judging by his words, Bernier still needs advice on his presentation of the threat from Islam, but I'm sure I speak for us all when I say that Britain First stands ready to help him out.


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