CANCELLED: George Galloway BOTTLES debate with Paul Golding at last minute!

Communist moron George Galloway has bottled his debate with Britain First leader Paul Golding at the last minute.

Galloway even had the cheek to call the debate 'fake news' in a Twitter reply to the communist organisation 'Unite Against Fascism':

Because he has decided to pull out of the debate, he is now claiming that it was never agreed!

You couldn't make it up!

However, as you can see from the emails below, the debate was agreed and scheduled for 8:40pm this coming Sunday:

Where's the 'fake news' George?

All this proves beyond a doubt that Galloway simply bottled out of the debate and is running scared!

Galloway probably did his research and realised that Paul is no clown and could easily hold his own against this communist rat-bag.

Galloway has shown himself to be a coward and a liar.

HQ is calling on all Britain First supporters to send the link below to the RT complaints department without delay:

[email protected]

This is the link to send:

Please keep your email respectful, but make sure you emphasise that George Galloway needs to grow a backbone.

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