Choudary's gangsters regroup!

Pro-Sharia militant Anjem Choudary's release from high-security Belmarsh Prison a few months ago appears to have stirred his gang of Islamist loons, low-lifes and lags back into action.

Mr Choudary, you recall, first achieved notoriety as motormouth leader of 'Britain's most prolific and dangerous extremist group' al-Muhajiroun, a semi-organised but nonetheless lethal rabble of street protesters, hate preachers and Salafist terrorists.

The Independent reminds us that:

Supporters of Anjem Choudary's al-Muhajiroun group carried out atrocities including the London Bridge attack, 7/7 London bombings and murder of Lee Rigby, and many have fought for Isis, al-Qaeda and the Taliban abroad.

Before he was eventually jailed in 2016 for promoting Islamic State, Choudary evaded prosecution for years by continually dissolving, reforming and renaming his organisation (Al Ghurabaa, Muslims Against Crusades, Islam4UK, Need4Khilafah, etc.), keeping one step ahead of the security services.

Now, responding to evident re-activation of Choudary's followers, UK head of counter-terror policing Neil Basu says:

We will work determinedly to prevent them from regrouping, or having any opportunity to disseminate their beliefs of intolerance, hatred and violence to the public.

The pledge seems over-optimistic, given that units have already sprung up in London, Luton, Derby, Birmingham, Leicester and Slough, are running street preaching stalls and opening social media accounts.

Anjem Choudary, who once referred to the 9/11 terrorists as 'magnificent martyrs', is a long-term recipient of welfare (he calls it 'Jihad Seeker's Allowance') and has probably cost the British taxpayer £ millions in policing of various demonstrations, legal aid and prison costs.

Halting the supply of public and charitable funds to Islamists should be a central plank of any future patriotic government's anti-terrorism strategy.

Because we're certain that when the money supply is cut off, those such as Choudary and his gang will leave to spread their anti-Western hatred elsewhere.

Odd though, isn't it, that those who profess to love Sharia, and to want to live under Sharia, don't move to countries like Saudi Arabia, where the full Sharia experience is available: stonings, amputations, floggings, beheadings and all?


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