Christian teacher SACKED for posting a petition against transgender nonsense

A teaching assistant has been sacked from her job for sharing a petition that opposed the teaching of transgender issues in primary schools.

Kristie Higgs is a devout Christian and posted the petition to Facebook.

The Daily Mail reported:

‘A single anonymous complaint that accused her of offending gay and transgender pupils led to her immediate suspension and eventually ended her career.’

During a six-hour disciplinary hearing, the governor of her school compared her Facebook post to those of a pro-Nazi far-Right extremist!

The same governor also told her she had no right to freedom of speech.

The school also accused her of using her official school email address to receive inspirational quotes from the Bible.

Ms Higgs was devastated when she was sacked from her job at Farmor’s School, a mixed-sex academy in Fairford, Gloucestershire, back in January.

‘I loved my job and I loved the children that I cared for,’ she says.

‘It wasn’t just kids who were in trouble, I also helped children who were gay or changing gender. When they came to my office I opened my arms to them and treated them like any other young people. I never discriminated against them and never would.’

This is yet another example of the rampant discrimination against Christians that is rampant in modern Britain.

Meanwhile, in response to protests in Birmingham, education authorities are more than willing to suspend LGBT lessons when it is Muslims protesting.


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