Conservative rank and file wake up to Islam

Only a fool or brainwashed leftist would deny that mass Muslim immigration has brought with it terrible problems and dangers:

• Regular, home-grown 'Allahu akbar' terror attacks by gun, bomb, machete or truck

• Numerous other Islamist terror plots foiled by security services

• Huge Islamic prayer gatherings dominating public spaces in our cities.

• Significant numbers of Muslims believing violence in the name of Islam is justified.

• Over 40 percent of UK Muslims wanting sharia law.

• Muslim 'grooming' gangs continuing to target, rape and torture non-Muslim women.

Now, even mainstream Conservatives are starting to wake up:

Some 56 per cent of those surveyed thought Islam was 'generally a threat' to the British way of life and just 22 per cent thought it was 'generally compatible'.


YouGov questioned 892 of the Tory members who will be choosing between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt to decide the next prime minister.

The survey, for Channel 4's Dispatches, found 42 per cent thought having people from a wide variety of racial and cultural backgrounds has damaged British society...


One member of the Boris Johnson Supporters Group said: 'I would ban all Muslim (sic) from entering the whole of Great Britain.'

A member of the Jacob Rees Mogg Appreciation Society said: 'Two mega mosques agreed planning permission in Maidstone and Worcester, how we feel about this?' Another person posted: 'WRONG.'

The Conservative Party has suspended some commenters, presumably on the basis that suppressing discussion of Islamisation and Islam-related crime and terrorism will make them go away.

It's the 'ostrich strategy' favoured by the entire British establishment, that has worked so brilliantly.


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