UPDATE: CPS refuse to prosecute Muslim gang that attacked Paul Golding

When Britain First leader Paul Golding was sent to prison recently for leafleting the neighbours of an Afghan paedophile gang warning them who their neighbours were, he was attacked by a Muslim gang in his cell.

The Muslim gang member in question (above) admitted the attack and the CCTV on the wing filmed the gang entering Paul's cell. 

At first Kent Police refused to even send the case to the CPS for a decision on whether to charge or not.

Britain First started a petition and within a few hours, Kent Police reversed their decision and referred the case to the CPS.

Despite this, the CPS has now confirmed that they are taking 'no further action' against these Islamist thugs.

There are several strands of incontrovertible evidence that should easily permit a prosecution:

1. The gang was filmed on CCTV entering Paul's cell
2. The gang was filmed on CCTV rushing out of the cell in a hurry
3. Paul was then filmed on CCTV coming out of the cell covered in blood
4. The Muslim gang admitted in a statement that they punched Paul

Despite all of this, the Crown Prosecution Service has decided to take 'no further action'. 

This is a blatantly political decision and has nothing to do with the law or the weight of evidence.

Paul is working out his next move with his legal representatives.

Please share this article so that we can make as many people aware of this fiasco as possible. 

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