Drag queen story time at Weymouth library

Britain First South West region has learned that this Friday 26 July, Weymouth Library in Dorset is to host Story Time with Mama G, featuring 'fairy tales with a LGBTQ+ twist'.

The free (i.e. publicly funded) event, billed as 'suitable for children aged 3+ and their families', is apparently 'in celebration of the first Weymouth & Portland Pride event taking place over the weekend'.

Mama G, aka drag queen Robert Pearce, runs Petite Pantos theatre company, which uses the popular medium of pantomime to 'champion LGBTQ+ issues, feminism and positive representation of race and gender'.

In other words, it's set up to push homosexual and transgender propaganda to kids, or as Pearce puts it, 'open up a dialogue with families about sexuality and gender' and 'introduce children to the idea of just loving everyone'.

Mama G's stories include such characters as 'a horse that knows she's trapped in the wrong body', a 'boy who loves to twerk', and feuding fairies who 'fight for the right to love'.

I tell a story about two fairies, a bad fairy who thinks that boys and girls are the only people that should love each other, and a good fairy who just wants everyone to love whoever they want to love, and that's told in rhyme.

Story Time with Mama G has visited public libraries across Britain.

It's a measure of how far our society has sunk, that such institutions consider it legitimate to employ a man dressed as a woman to tell homosexual- and transsexual-themed stories to pre-schoolers, at public expense.

This insidious indoctrination of our children must be stopped.

'Mama G'.


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