Dutch burka ban starts today

Holland's partial burka ban comes into effect today, 1st August.

NL Times:

After some 14 years of discussions and failed attempts, the Netherlands is implementing the so-called burka ban today. From now on you are not allowed to wear face-covering clothing in government buildings, education institutions, healthcare institutions, and public transport.

The ban applies to a burka or niqab, but also helmets and ski masks. Face-covering clothing may still be worn on the street, but the police may ask you to remove it for identification purposes. People who enter a government building, school, hospital or tram, for example, with face-covering clothing on, will be asked to remove it. If they refuse, the police will be called in and they can be fined 150 euros.

It will be interesting to see how willing the government is to enforce this new law.

Police and left-wing leaders in cities including Amsterdam have threatened to disregard it, perhaps fearing violent Muslim reaction.

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Latvia, Cameroon, Chad, Gabon, the Republic of Congo and Sri Lanka already have full or partial niqab/ burka bans.

It's time for Britain to follow suit.


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