ELECTORAL COMMISSION: New court hearing set for 24th March

This article is simply to provide an update on our ongoing case against the Electoral Commission.

In a nutshell, the Electoral Commission is challenging our demand to have the case wrapped up quickly. 

Obviously we need the whole case to be dealt with swiftly because we are contesting the local elections in May. 

Regardless, the Electoral Commission has demanded a hearing about whether or not this case should be heard quickly, or at normal pace.

This new hearing takes place on 24th of March at the High Court in Belfast.

During this hearing, the judge will decide whether or not to allow a quick, rapid conclusion to this case.

If the judge agrees with Britain First, then we will be heading for a full and final hearing in early April.

The Electoral Commission is desperately trying to delay and hinder the progress of this case. 

They know they have a weak case and are therefore playing for time.

Party leader Paul Golding will be at the hearing in Belfast on 24th March and will provide a full update on the day. 


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