France: Macron punishes peaceful protestors, appeases illegal migrants

President Macron is single-mindedly pursuing his plans to institutionalize Islam in France

Monday 05 August - President Macron is 'fiddling while Rome burns', prioritising 'action on climate change' over addressing the peaceful demands of the 'Yellow Vest' protestors.

He is also encouraging the Muslim Association for Islam of France (AMIF) to handle the cultural expansion of Islam and take charge of 'the fight against anti-Muslim racism'.

The main leaders of the AMIF are (or were until recently) members of the Muslim Brotherhood, a movement designated as a terrorist organization in Egypt, Bahrain, Syria, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates -- but not in France.

Macron is aware of the demographic data. They show that the Muslim population in France will grow significantly in the coming years. (The economist Charles Gave wrote recently that by 2057, France will have a Muslim majority).

Macron can see that it will soon be impossible for anyone to be elected President without relying on the Muslim vote, so he acts accordingly.

He seems particularly cautious when having to deal with young Arabs and illegal migrants, because he knows that young Arabs and illegal migrants can - and do - create large-scale riots.

Macron asked the French parliament to pass a law that almost completely abolishes the right to protest and the presumption of innocence, and that allows the arrest of anyone, anywhere, even without cause. The law was passed.

In June, the French parliament passed another law, severely punishing anyone who says or writes something that might contain "hate speech". 

The main concern of Macron and the French government seems not to be the risk of riots, the public's discontent, the disappearance of Christianity, the disastrous economic situation, or Islamization and its consequences.

Instead, it is climate change. Although the amount of France's carbon dioxide emissions is infinitesimal (less than 1% of the global total), combatting 'human-induced climate change' appears Macron's absolute priority.

Author's comment: 'The Muslim Association for Islam of France will handle the cultural expansion of Islam and take charge of 'the fight against anti-Muslim racism'. Now where have I heard that before? Clue: the UK All Party Parliamentary Group on British Muslims calling for the adoption of an official working definition of Islamophobia.

France is one of the 'canaries in the coal-mine'. When it descends into anarchy and chaos, as it shows every sign of doing, you can be sure that other Western European countries will follow unless something is done.


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