Germany: 7-year-old girl sexually harassed and bitten by Afghan migrant

The 'asylum seeker' had already stalked a student in an suburban train, and resisted the subsequent arrest 

Sunday 11 August, MUNICH - In Erding near Munich a 7-year-old girl was sexually harassed. The perpetrator has now been brought to trial, convicted and sentenced.

The 23-year-old Afghan 'asylum seeker' had to answer before the local court Erding because he is said to have kissed a 7-year-old girl against her will and bitten her lips.

The defendant had already been tried several times for sexual offences. The 'asylum seeker' had already stalked a student in an suburban train, resisted the subsequent arrest and in 2016 and 2017 stalked several young women, some of whom were still minors, and touched them indecently.

In the current case, the Afghan had been invited to a barbecue that took place in the home of his buddy's girlfriend in the northern district of Erding. He first touched the ten-year-old on her breast and in her genitals.

Then her seven-year-old sister was next. He kissed her, sucked her lips and bit on them. After the children revealed themselves to their parents, they informed the police, who started the investigation and brought the case to trial.

The defendant was sentenced to one year and four months imprisonment without parole.

Author's comment: Thank you, Mrs. Merkel. Would you have felt the same way about letting these third-world degenerates into your country if it had been your family members who were affected?


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