Germany: Pig farmers threatened by Muslim cemetery

Muslims allegedly disturbed by 'pig breeding' 300 metres away.

A German couple from Mülheim wanted to be the first entrepreneurs in the Ruhr area to farm their pigs outdoors.

However, 300 metres away from their proposed location is a Muslim cemetery.

The concept of the pig farming couple was to raise the animals in free range conditions and then sell them locally.

But the municipality was concerned that, in addition to alleged nature conservation requirements, the Muslims could feel disturbed by pig breeding. 

Author's comment: Those dead Muslims can be VERY sensitive.

The entrepreneur concerned called this 'incomprehensible' and 'anticipatory obedience to Sharia norms'.

'At least 300 meters lie between our fields and the cemetery. If the city were to show the same sensitivity to the non-Muslims, then all kebab stalls in the city would have to close, as there are certainly people who feel disturbed by them'.

The chairman of the Mülheim Fatih Mosque (Fatih = "the conqueror") said - 'Is there really no other place in Mülheim to raise pigs? It would really bother us'.

The city points out that part of the farmland in question belongs to the municipality and, according to the development plan, is earmarked for the expansion of the Muslim cemetery.

'Nothing to do with Muslim sensibilities'

According to the city, farming pigs in the vicinity of the Islamic cemetery is undesirable, but has nothing to do with Muslim sensibilities.

Author's comment: When in Muslim countries, non-Muslims should conform to Muslim sensitivities. And when in non-Muslim countries, non-Muslims should conform to Muslim sensitivities. Got that?


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