Germany: State media refuses to report on Stuttgart sword murder

Media spokesperson claims that the attack was 'not of national importance or societal significance'

After receiving many questions on why Deutschlandfunk has not reported on the barbaric sword murder of a Kazakh father (36) in Stuttgart by a man originally believed to be a Syrian but might actually be Jordanian Palestinian (28) according to the tabloid Bild.

The state sponsored broadcaster released the following statement claiming the attack was not of national importance or societal significance unlike the case of a mother and her 8-year-old son being pushed in front of a train by an Eritrean in the same week in Frankfurt.

The statement further reads that the outlet was filled with sadness and disbelief but the nationality of the attacker does not justify reporting on it despite the debate on social media.

Instead the Deutschlandfunk states that enough regional and local outlets reported on it, which are available to everyone online.

Interestingly enough the same outlet deemed stories that two thirds of Fridays-for-Future-Protesters are female and near accidents at Lake Constance worthy of articles and national interest on the same day.

Alice Weidel of the right-wing AfD tweeted the following and included a picture of the perpetrator holding a sword without showing the victim:

Children are pushed in front of trains, women are found stabbed 70 times in a suitcase and men are butchered with machetes in the streets… One hardly finds any words.

Achim Kessler of the Left party is now pressing charges against Alice Weidel for spreading inhumane and violent material for the mentioned tweet.

A political news editor for NTV even falsely claimed that Mrs. Weidel was spreading the video of the attack and should face prison and a 75,000 euro fine as she would in France.

In the meantime police have released further shocking details of the attack. The 11-year-old daughter of the victim was present during the murder of her father and ran away in shock.

Issa Mohammed, the attacker was arrested two and a half hours later 4 kilometers away from the crime scene

Author's comment: What both of them don’t mention is that German law is very clear on allowing even materials as described by them to be distributed for reporting purposes or that the Welt used actual footage from the attack for an article.

An article by Bild with a more graphic picture of the man holding what looks like a bloodied katana is also available online, leaving the question open if they would also like to charge these media outlets with something similar.


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