Germany: Syrian migrant kills man with sword in broad daylight

The horrific attack was captured on video by passers-by from several perspectives.

Friday 02 August - A Syrian migrant brutally killed a man with a sword during a broad daylight attack in Stuttgart, Germany.

The horrific incident was seen by numerous witnesses and began after the 28-year-old Syrian got into a heated argument with his 36-year-old German-Kazakh roommate.

A video of the incident shows the perpetrator ruthlessly plunging the sword into the victim as he lay on the ground. According to reports, the victim had his arm completely hacked off.

The perpetrator attempted to escape using a bicycle, but police, who were pursuing him by helicopter, were eventually able to capture him.

The shocking incident is likely to stir more debate over the influx of Syrian migrants into Germany over the last few years.

On Monday, an 8-year-old boy was killed after being hit by a high speed train when an Eritrean migrant pushed him and his mother onto the tracks at Frankfurt’s main station. The Eritrean migrant had been praised previously as 'an example of successful integration'.

Author's comment: With all these 'examples of successful integration' in Germany, it's difficult to understand what the German people might have to complain about. 


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