Germany: Syrian migrant murderer claims to be 'Palestinian refugee'

Syrian sword murderer apparently lived under false identity as a 'Palestinian' in Germany

Sunday 04 August, STUTTGART – The alleged murderer who attacked and killed a 36-year-old German with a sword on Wednesday evening in broad daylight is said to be a 'Palestinian' who claims to have been a Syrian refugee.

According to Stuttgarter Zeitung, the 30-year-old alleged sword killer is said to be a 'Palestinian' known to the police, who has acquired a Syrian identity.

Once again, the German state has apparently accepted his data completely unchecked.

The 'Syrian' was said to have been living in Germany for four years and is registered with the authorities as 28-year-old Issa M.

The authorities will now determine whether the perpetrator is really another person, according to the Stuttgarter Nachrichten.

Issa M. allegedly slaughtered a man with several blows and stabs outside a block of flats in Stuttgart after a quarrel with his former roommate in front of numerous eyewitnesses.

Author's comment: Would you allow your country to be deliberately overrun with poisonous snakes if your political elites said - 'Actually, not all of them are poisonous, you snake-o-phobe.' Unfortunately, at the moment, the answer seems to be 'Yes.'


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