Get ready for Armageddon

Western civilisation is on the brink of a collapse - like that of ancient Rome - because the modern generation is refusing to reproduce and have children.

European society as we know it will die out shortly because of this demographic crisis.

On average, each woman has 1.58 children in the EU, substantially below the 2.1 children needed just to sustain the current population level.

Unless current trends change, Europe is expected to be the only continent on Earth whose population will shrink by 2050.

Deaths now exceed births in most European countries, including Britain, Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, and the Czech Republic, as well as in Sweden and the Baltic states.

Farther south, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy are all in terminal decline.

Whilst the indigenous population of Europe is collapsing, a gargantuan migrant influx of (mainly Muslim) Asians and Africans, coupled with a very high Muslim birth rate, means that Britain and the Continent will be Islamic within a short time.

The future for Britain is bleak: A civil war will break out, claiming the lives of millions, whilst the entire continent of Europe will be devastated and depopulated by endless civil conflict.

We implore you to join our ranks, become a member and help-out with the British fightback that is underway.

Sitting on the sidelines is an act of total cowardice and betrayal.

You decide your own level of involvement - for some, simply being a member, even if you are not an activist, is a great and noble thing to do.

Every single day there are more reasons to be heartbroken and worried for our children’s future.

Think right now about your own family members who braved bullets, bombs, tanks and planes for our country.

Maybe it was your father, grandfather or great-grandfather?

If our own parents, grandparents and so on, some still with us, some not, were prepared to risk their lives for us, their children and descendants, then we also have a duty to future generations of our children and grandchildren.

Why not join the growing legions of patriotic Britons taking a stand against the betrayal of our country by becoming a Britain First member?

Britain First membership is open to everyone, both in the UK and abroad.

By joining Britain First, you will engage with other patriots who care deeply about our country and take part in exciting, well-organised and effective campaigns.

But most of all by joining Britain First you are taking your rightful place in the 'shield wall' to defend this nation and our people.

Don’t sit on your hands, join up today, before it’s too late:


Yours sincerely,
Britain First HQ

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