Government bans drones in Dover in response to Britain First!

In response to the infamous Britain First migrant patrols, the government has banned the use of drones in or around Dover.

The restrictions came into force on 1 November and prohibits unmanned aircraft from flying below 1,000 feet above mean sea level, within a radius of 2.25 nautical miles around the port.

The order, termed The Air Navigation Regulations 2019, reads:

'The Secretary of State has decided that it is necessary in the public interest to restrict the flying of unmanned aircraft in the vicinity of the Port of Dover, Kent owing to its status as critical national infrastructure and its associated national security risk.'

'The Secretary of State makes these Regulations in exercise of the powers conferred by article 239 of the Air Navigation Order 2016(a).'

Britain First was using drones to patrol the English Channel around the port of Dover.

Britain First migrant patrols on the beaches have been approached by counter-terrorism officers, even though they were only watching the sea with binoculars.

This knee-jerk reaction by the government is an attempt to hinder our efforts in intercepting migrants in the channel.

HQ is discussing new ways of patrolling the channel, so an announcement will be made soon. 


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