UK government REFUSES visas for Russian members of parliament invited by Britain First

In July and October 2019 and once again in October 2020, a team of Britain First leaders visited Moscow, Russia, as guests of members of the Russian parliament, the Duma.

On the July 2019 trip, Britain First leader Paul Golding gave a speech to patriot leaders from around the world in the Duma.

Our delegates also visited the Kremlin and the headquarters of the 'Liberal Democratic Party of Russia' (LDPR).

On the last trip in October 2020, Britain First invited a team of the Russian parliamentarians to visit London as our guests.

Britain First provided an official invite for the visa applications and plans were put in place for a press conference and other activities.

Last Friday (18th December), our friends in the Russian parliament informed us that their applications to visit the UK have been refused.

The reason given was that Britain First is not a "parliamentary party", which is ironic, considering it is the same UK government that is refusing to allow Britain First to register as a political party!

Britain First is currently engaged in a High Court legal action with the UK Electoral Commission regarding our registration as a political party.

The very fact that the UK government has barred entry to democratically elected members of the Russian parliament is an outrage

This was done purely out of spite because the official invite came from Britain First.

What next, banning elected members of the US Congress?

The UK government's ridiculous hostility to the Russian nation is unjustified and politically motivated.

It stems from the UK establishment's deep hatred of the Christian, patriotic and nationalist traditions and policies of Russia.

If Russia was a nation that embraced LGBT poison, uncontrolled mass immigration and globalism, UK politicians would be fawning all over Russia.

Russia chooses to preserve its traditional character and that horrifies Western elites. 

The refusal of the visas for parliamentarians from the 'Liberal Democratic Party of Russia' cannot be justified, as they are a separate political organisation from that which is run by president Vladimir Putin.

Refusing the Russian MPs visas to visit London is a politically motivated scandal, just like the occasion when the entire Britain First delegation was ambushed by counter-terrorism officers and Paul Golding was convicted of the petty offence of not providing the passcodes to his phone.

In an era when so many illegal immigrants and Middle East hate preachers are allowed to enter Britain virtually unopposed, barring democratically elected politicians from European nations is simply ridiculous.

Britain First will be assisting the members of the Russian Duma in appealing this political decision.

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