How to counter the charge of 'Islamophobia'

'Islamomoria' is the perfect word to describe the unthinking apologists for Islam

Most of us, at one time or another, will have been irritated by the label of 'Islamophobia', a term unthinkingly used by Muslims and Leftist apologists for Islam, and applied to those who rightly criticise the myriad shortcomings of the Islamic ideology.

Perhaps what is needed in this rhetorical battle with those who have coined and weaponized the term 'Islamophobia' is a powerful word of our own to describe them and their followers.

A new term has been proposed that fits the bill perfectly. The term is 'Islamomoria'. 

As with 'phobia', the word 'moria' comes from the Greek language. It means 'foolishness / folly / dullness / stupidity' and is the root from which we get our English words 'moron / moronic / sophomore / oxymoron'.

Islamomoria would perfectly describe the naive assessment of Islam as a benevolent 'religion of peace' - which ignores the jihad mandate, hatred for the disbeliever, sex slavery, inherent gender inequality, and the imposition of Sharia law upon all of us, not just Muslims.

Those preaching or under the spell of such a misguided, positive assessment of Islam would be known as 'Islamomorons'.

Perhaps the pejorative sense inherent in this term would serve as a wake-up call to those who listen mindlessly to pseudo-scholarly 'Islamophiles' (from the Greek 'philos' meaning 'loving'), while at the same time shaming and discouraging the latter from disseminating further propaganda.

It is the perfect word to describe 'useful idiots' so eager to welcome Islam into Western life without realizing they are sowing the seeds of their own society’s destruction.


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