HQ WARNING: Beware of so-called 'patriot' scams

This is an unusual message from HQ, but a necessary one.

HQ has learned that certain disgraced and treacherous individuals have designs on Britain First and our supporters.

These vulchers have the backing of wealthy and well-connected leftwing organisations like ‘Hope Not Hate’ and would love nothing more than to obtain your contact details, emails and donations.

They hoped to take advantage of party leader Paul Golding being sent to prison to launch a new ‘movement’ that will trick our supporters into parting with their money for memberships and donations.

This email is simply to keep you in the loop so that you can guard yourself against any attempts to lure your support away from Britain First into a slick fundraising operation that is hostile to our leader and which ultimately is nothing more than an inactive money-making scam.

HQ is urging all of our supporters to follow the guidelines below so as to avoid being taken for a ride by these treacherous and self-serving individuals:

- Do not sign any petitions except those hosted on the Britain First website
- Do not be lured by slick marketing into joining, or donating to, any new ‘movement’
- Only show your support to those with a proven track record, such as Britain First or Tommy Robinson

HQ is concerned that some patriots may fall victim to scamsters who wanted to take advantage of Paul being sent to prison (luckily it never happened).

A huge part of preserving the Britain First cause and ensuring our survival through the storms and conflicts that always occur, is to guard ourselves against slick but underhand attempts to derail our movement.

While we are successful and growing, there are malevolent individuals who covert the resources of our movement and want them for themselves for their own enrichment.

There are capable individuals out there who seek only your donations and contact details and who latch onto this sacred cause like parasites.

These scamsters come out of nowhere and use slick American marketing techniques to con you out of your hard-earned money.

Naming these scamsters would simply give them a status and recognition they do not deserve.

In the meantime, please be vigilant and follow the guidelines above so that the integrity of our movement can be maintained.

If you have mistakenly donated to any new fake ‘patriot movement’ or ‘party’ recently, we urge you to demand a refund and the deletion of your details without delay.

To be on the safe side, if it hasn’t been around for years, don’t donate to it.

If you receive any communication from any third-parties asking you to sign petitions, or seeking donations, merchandise or membership sales, please report these unsolicited messages to HQ at: [email protected]


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