Iran hires 2,000 morality police to target women who refuse to wear Islamic garb

Iran has hired 2,000 morality police to punish women who refuse to wear the compulsory hijab in public.

A pilot program will begin in the northern province of Gilan.

Groups of six women will form units who will search for and arrest other women who are not covering their hair according to Islamic tradition.

'The issue of hijab is not a simple matter, but rather a serious political and security issue for our country,' Mohammad Abdulahpour, the commander of Gilan province's Revolutionary Guards unit, said.

This is not the first time Iran has employed morality police to crack down on its citizens, but this latest decision comes at a time when many Iranian women are purposefully going out and breaking Iran's dress code in public.

Iran is also cracking down on restaurants that do not meet the regime's morality standards.

The Times of Israel reports that Iranian police have shut down 547 restaurants and cafes in Tehran for not observing 'Islamic principles.'

Iranian officials urged civilians to report anyone breaking Islamic law.


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