Islamic State warns of jihad massacres in London to be carried out by children

ISIS fanatics warn Londoners to prepare for ‘invasion of Caliphate cubs’


ISIS supporters have released another threatening poster, this time advising London to 'stay tuned for the invasion of the cubs of the caliphate.'

The threat comes after their supporters released three posters last week picturing attacks on Big Ben, Manhattan Bridge and a burning aeroplane.

'Cubs of the caliphate' pose a threat to London in the near future, the poster claims.

The latest poster depicts a morbid scene – a young boy who looks no older than eight, sat grasping a rifle while a dystopian-looking London burns.

Leafless trees frame a bleak image of the Houses of Parliament as the young boy stares into the distance.

The poster was shared on twitter by an account claiming to belong to a 'Geopolitical, National security and intelligence analyst focusing on Jihadism and monitoring terrorist organizations.'

The account has shared over 6,000 photos and videos that they claim have come from ISIS since 2015 – including messages claiming various attacks.

The pint-sized cannon fodder were also roped into executions – shooting and beheading prisoners.

'We are men that love death.'

The cubs, children brought up in ISIS territory and trained up as sick kiddie killing machines, were given Hitler-youth style schooling with textbooks featuring bazookas, snipers and taught to spell by memorising words like 'shahid' (martyr) and 'kufaar' (infidel).


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