It isn't Fawlty to say London isn't English!

TV comedy actor John Cleese (formerly of Monty Python's Flying Circus and Fawlty Towers, in which he played eccentric hotel manager Basil Fawlty), is under attack by left-liberals for recent tweets in which he claims London is rife with knife-crime and 'the world centre for Russian dirty money laundering'.

John Cleese.

The furious internet reaction echoed that of 2011, after Cleese said during an Australian TV interview that London no longer feels English:

I'm not sure what's going on in Britain. Or, let me say this - I don't know what's going on in London, because London is no longer an English city.


I had a Californian friend come over two months ago, walk down the King's Road and say, 'Where are all the English people?'

I mean, I love having different cultures around. But when the parent culture kind of dissipates, you're left thinking, 'Well, what's going on?'

Hardly radical comments, given the 2011 census finding that white Britons had indeed become an ethnic minority in their own capital city.

Of course, that fact didn't stop them denouncing the comedian as 'racist'.

Because the one thing the Left won't tolerate is truthful reporting of immigration and its disastrous consequences.

They know that if English people were to see the full picture, they would recoil in horror and rage.

So they tell us that up is down, black is white, open borders promote peace and 'diversity is our strength'.

They support these lies with fiddled statistics, politicised news, 'diversity' propaganda and hysterical abuse of anyone who refuses to deny reality.

London is no longer English.

'London is no longer English' is a truism that inspires accusations of race-hate.

It is, in other words, a 'hatefact'.

No surprise, London Mayor Sadiq Khan was quick to condemn Cleese.

He repeated the 'diversity is our strength' mantra, again disregarding the mountain of counter-evidence:

• Knife crime rising as black and ethnic gangs terrorise inner-city housing estates

• Long-standing English communities wiped off the map by mass immigration (remember Cockneys?)

• Towns and cities fragmenting, self-segregating along ethnic and religious lines ('voluntary apartheid')

• Pakistani Muslim grooming gangs, seemingly a permanent feature of 'diversity'

• Islam-inspired domestic terrorism, ditto

• English culture diluted, suppressed, replaced

• Free speech curtailed, for fear of minority upset and backlash

The fact is that for the English, and particularly for native Londoners, mass immigration is an ongoing disaster, a slow-motion car crash.

The sooner this is acknowledged, the sooner we can begin repairing England - and Britain as a whole - by halting immigration, deporting illegals and foreign criminals, and removing all minority privileges.

Britain First will restore the time-tested principle of putting British interests and British people first.

That's why we're called Britain First.

It's all in the name, you see!


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