Jeremy Corbyn in fresh anti-Semitism row

Photos emerge of him at 2009 rally in Birmingham likening Israel to Nazi Germany

Saturday 03 August - Jeremy Corbyn is engulfed in a yet another anti-Semitism row after pictures emerged of him attending a protest which likened Israel to Nazi Germany.

Images show the Labour leader participating in a 2009 march where others are holding banners branding the Jewish state 'child killers' and 'thirsty for blood'.

Mr Corbyn was pictured in his trademark mariner's cap near the front of the march, where a large banner describes Gaza as a '21st Century Concentration Camp'.

Another poster turns the Star of David into a swastika, while a placard in the background reads: 'Zionism is the real terrorism.' 

Meanwhile, one banner showed leading Israelis next to Adolf Hitler, with the caption: 'History repeats itself – stop the genocide'.

Mr Corbyn, who was a Labour backbencher at the time, even gave a speech at the event in Birmingham.

The pictures, unearthed by Twitter user The Golem, will revive allegations that Mr Corbyn has overseen a rise in anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. 

A Labour Party spokesman said: 'Jeremy has a long and principled record of support for Palestinian rights and human rights, and that is the right thing to do.'

'Like other politicians, he has attended many demonstrations, and is obviously not responsible for the banners that other people bring along.'

Since his election as party leader in 2015, there has been an influx of new members, notably those who are critical of Israel and its policies regarding Palestine.

Author's comment: Jeremy Corbyn is the gift that keeps on giving. Unfortunately for the Labour Party, they have a leader who is highly sympathetic to Muslims generally, not just Palestinians. He can't very well repudiate anti-Semitism without alienating his Muslim voter base. Let's all just sit back with a bag of popcorn, put our feet up and watch how this plays out.


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