Lady athletes of the twenty-first century

Here are some of the transgender athletes who've been breaking records and winning medals in women's sporting competition lately.

Only a hater would deny their fantastic achievements - or claim that high testosterone, bone density and muscle mass have given them any kind of unfair advantage.

No, these sporty XY sisters are doin' it for themselves!

It's all perfectly normal and natural (and woe betide anyone who says otherwise).

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter Fallon Fox broke the skull of one female opponent.

Can you guess which of these bronze medallists at the 2016 Dodgeball Canada national championship is transgender athlete Savannah Burton?

Blonde bombshell Hannah Mouncey competes in women's handball and Australian rules football.

Lauren Jeska, English women's fell running champion 2010-2012, is currently serving an 18-year prison
sentence for stabbing an athletics official in the head.

Rachel McKinnon (centre), UCI Masters Track Cycling world champion (35-44 age group) 2018.

Transgender sprinters Terry Miller (in red) and Andraya Yearwood (left) came first and second in the 2019
Connecticut girls indoor track championships.

Natalie Van Gogh celebrates victory in a women's 50-kilometer bike race, February 2019. Natalie's the babe in the middle.

New Zealand's Laurel Hubbard broke weightlifting world records at the World Masters Games in 2017.

Isn't progress wonderful!


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