LEE RIGBY: Britain First restores flags at terror attack site in Woolwich

A few weeks ago, the Labour-run Greenwich Council completely rebuilt the area where the 2013 attack on Lee Rigby took place, making it almost impossible for Britons to lay flowers and wreaths.

This was a deliberate and malicious attempt to stop the British public remembering what happened to Fusilier Rigby.

The site of the attack with no flags, wreaths or plaques can be seen below:

The railings that usually host the flowers and wreaths has been moved back and a new flower bed has been installed.

This flower bed, believe it or not, contains new trees that are covered in spikes, an obvious sign that Greenwich Council wants to deter the public from leaving wreaths etc. 

A mile or two down the road exists a permanent memorial to Stephen Lawrence, with a 24/7 CCTV tower overlooking the site to deter vandalism. 

In stark contrast, Greenwich Council have consistently refused to allow a memorial for Lee Rigby. 

In response to the situation, Britain First decided to act:

On Sunday afternoon, a group of activists attended the site and pushed a number of flags into the ground of the new flower bed.

A wreath was also laid.

We wonder how long it will take for Greenwich Council to send their minions to the site to rip the new flags down. 

Whether they do or not, new flags will take their place. 

More updates shortly. 


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