LOCAL ELECTIONS 2019: We need your participation!

Britain First has taken part in election campaigns before, at various levels of the political ladder.

In 2014 we contested several regions in the European Parliament elections.

Later in 2014 we contested a Parliamentary by-election in Rochester, to highlight the construction of a local mega mosque.

Then in 2016, Britain First contested the London mayoral and assembly elections, gaining over 105,000 votes.

Britain First always concentrated on street activities because of the dominance of UKIP in the years running up to the EU referendum.

However, since the referendum, UKIP has gone into a steep decline.

In the local elections last year, UKIP lost all their council seats that were up for re-election.

UKIP is too closely associated with opposition to the EU and because of Brexit, the vast-majority of voters see them as no longer relevant.

UKIP has been in electoral free fall for several years now and in early May all of their elected MEPs will lose their salaries, hastening their downfall.

Coupled with this, Nigel Farage and his new Brexit Party look set to bury UKIP as a political force once and for all.

This opens up an enormous political vacuum that will be filled by Britain First.

If you are opposed to mass immigration, political correctness and radical Islam, who do you vote for?

There is no one left standing, except Britain First.

In response to this escalating situation, I appointed George Whale as Britain First elections officer, with a brief to get our movement ready to contest local elections.

Our movement, with our millions of followers, our household name and our re-energised activist base, is perfectly positioned to fill the political vacuum left by the demise of UKIP.

Slowly but surely - behind the scenes mainly - our movement has been putting in place the necessary systems and infrastructure to transform Britain First into a formal political party.

Several weekends ago, we launched our first ever local elections campaign with a mass leaflet drop in our target ward in Dorset.

We are fighting council seats in the South East, South West and the Midlands.

Britain First has never engaged in local elections, so this has been one hell of a learning curve for our movement, but we are more than equal to the challenge!

In fact, I personally ‘cut my teeth’ in conventional politics, helping to run election campaigns in a previous patriot party.

I was even elected as a local councillor in the South East back in 2009 with a landslide victory of 41% of the vote!

We are busy transferring those successful methods to our new elections department.

George and our elections team have been busy printing off ward maps, submitting nomination papers, ordering personalised local leaflets and securing the signatures needed for our candidates to stand.

Britain First stands on the verge of greatness, with an unparalleled political opportunity in front of us, and I want you to be part of this with us.

Here are the ‘nuts and bolts’ of our local election campaign:

1. Personalised candidate leaflets: £5,000
2. Resources and consumables for canvassing: £2,500
3. Travel costs for election organisers: £2,500

This brings the total to a modest £10,000 to cover our expenses and outgoings for our entire campaign.

These elections are going to serve as a springboard to further expansion, as the following May, in 2020, another round of local elections take place nationwide where we hope to massively increase the number of candidates we stand.

Today in Britain we are beginning to see definite cracks opening up in the establishment’s once impregnable edifice - we must keep up the pressure until we break down their walls and strongholds!

We must organise ourselves to take advantage of this unique, once in a lifetime opportunity.

Your indomitable spirit and kindness in giving generously to preserve all that we all hold dear can - and will - destroy their wicked plans to eradicate every last vestige of Britishness.

We are not only fighting for ourselves, we are fighting to ensure our children and grandchildren still have a country to call ‘home’.

The weight of history rests upon our shoulders.

What will future generations say of our actions?

It all starts with your personal sacrifice, today.

Thousands of personal decisions to take action add up to an unstoppable movement!

Let our struggle for survival against the odds be a beacon of resistance for future generations.

I am earnestly hoping that you recognise this immense political opportunity and make the biggest sacrifice you can.

I love my country and I am sure you do to, so let’s get our sleeves rolled up!

I believe our country and our people are now finally waking up and are indeed fighting back!

We need every single member, activist, donor, officer and supporter to chip in to our Local Election 2019 campaign fund - there is no Plan B, we need heroic determination right now!

To chip in and help get our campaign under way, please click here:

Yours sincerely,
Paul Golding
Leader, Britain First


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