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Addressed to: Gavin Williamson, The Secretary of State for Education

Over the past few decades, there has been a concerted effort to remove our Christian traditions from the public space.

Even the humble Nativity Play, intended to focus the minds of people on the traditional Christian message concerning the birth of Jesus, has been quietly dropped from the extra-curricular activities of many schools on the basis that it might give offence to those who are not Christians.

It should never be forgotten that it is Christianity that underpins our entire Western civilisation, and that Christian traditions, morals, ethics and values must continue to play a primary role in the teaching of our schoolchildren, in order to continue the development of a truly fair and equitable society.

Our Christian traditions are something we should all be proud of, not something to be swept under the carpet and discarded in the name of political correctness, multiculturalism, diversity and 'inclusivity'.

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We, the undersigned, demand that our Christian traditions are restored to their rightful place in our society - starting with the Nativity Play, which should be made compulsory in every school:

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