NEW POLICY: Make Saint George's Day and Saint David's Day full public holidays

HQ is pleased to announce the results of our latest members' policy vote.

Saint Andrew's Day and Saint Patrick's Day are public holidays in Scotland and Northern Ireland, so this new policy proposal is designed to ensure parity of esteem and fairness between all of the nations of the United Kingdom.

The policy proposes that Saint George's Day (in England) and Saint David's Day (in Wales) be made public holidays. 

Furthermore, this policy will make it compulsory for all local authorities to promote these important cultural events.

Here is the text of the new policy proposal:

Make Saint George's Day and Saint David's day a public holiday respectively in England and Wales and make it law that local authorities promote these holidays to their fullest extent, including public displays of flags, culture and history.

HQ has now closed the vote and we can inform you of the members' decision. 

After two days of voting - available only to paid-up members of Britain First - the results are as follows:

As you can see above, the overwhelming majority of paid-up Britain First members voted in favour of this new policy.

It has therefore been added to our official party policy section on our website, in the newly created 'culture' section.

Because COVID has made it impossible to hold a national conference this year, we will holding many more of these members' policy votes in due course.

It is our membership which decides what policies Britain First adopts.

If you want to become a Britain First member and help shape our growing list of official policies, please click on the link below and join for as little as £2:

Yours sincerely,
Britain First HQ

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