Mass Immigration Must Be Stopped Before It Tears Britain Apart

Last week, I went on a brief fact-finding visit to Northern Ireland. As Elections Officer, I wanted to get a feel for Britain First's electoral prospects there.

In the town of Ballymena, County Antrim, we received a very warm welcome. No hint of suspicion (which would have been quite understandable), instead great friendliness and hospitality from local people, many of whom seemed disillusioned with the established parties, and ready for change.

NI activists report a similar openness across the province, and I've already received invitations to visit Coleraine in County Londonderry and other places next time.

All of which gives grounds for optimism.

I also visited Belfast (that's me in the photo) where, I must admit, I was shocked to see the city still physically divided by huge walls and fences, criss-crossing neighbourhoods like persistent scars of The Troubles.

The so-called peace walls were supposed to be temporary (some date back to 1969), and politicians have been talking for years about taking them down - but the almost palpable tension in some parts of the city argues against it.

Peace walls still stand in Londonderry and County Armagh too. They offer a sobering history lesson to politicians drunk on open borders multiculturalism, recklessly throwing together - like logs on a bonfire - communities with conflicting values and interests.

You may ask why Britain First is making the move now into electoral politics. Simply, it's because we want to effect radical change to prevent towns and cities in mainland Britain becoming the new Belfasts:

George Whale
Elections Officer

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