Mosque visits should be compulsory, say school heads

We've previously exposed shocking examples of Islamic indoctrination of non-Muslim schoolchildren, typically during mosque visits, when kids are 'encouraged' to participate in Islamic prayers and rituals.

From an Islamic perspective, this is tantamount to preparing children for Islam.

Unfortunately, it isn't just a UK phenomenon, but afflicts other Western European countries too.

Holland, for example, where this video was made:

The parents are powerless to stop it:

Parents in the Netherlands can't stop their children from being indoctrinated with Islam against their wishes.

A new report from Cultuur onder Vuur (Culture Under Fire) documents evidence from hundreds of cases where children in Dutch schools are instructed by an imam on how to pray and how schools are taking measures to hide these trips from parents.


Parents who refuse to let their children attend mosque trips can face fines. They are often bullied by school officials and vilified in the media.


Young children can also be harangued by school administrators and forced to testify at school meetings why they didn't want to attend, even when it was the parents who refused.

The hypocrisy of Dutch educators on this issue is exposed by the fact that '... little to no efforts [are] being made to take Muslim students to non-Islamic places of worship'.

Alarmingly, there areĀ moves afoot in Britain to prevent parents withdrawing their children from mosque visits and Islamic indoctrination sessions:

Parents should not be allowed to selectively remove their children from religious education (RE) lessons, headteachers say, as study reveals many withdrawal requests are over the teaching of Islam.

More than two in five school leaders and RE teachers have received requests for students to be withdrawn from teaching about one religion, research from Liverpool Hope University has revealed.

Islam is the dominant focus of these parental withdrawal requests, according to the study of 450 school leaders and heads of RE.


Members of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers section of the National Education Union called on the government to take steps to prevent parents from selectively withdrawing youngsters from RE classes.

So there you have it.

Hugo Bos, one of Holland's leading campaigners against Islamic indoctrination in schools, offers these practical suggestions to parents:

  • Unite as a group and create a movement within the school.
  • Protest at school board meetings.
  • Contact the media.
  • Choose another school because declining enrollment puts pressure on the school.
  • If all else fails,... civil disobedience by keeping... children home from school on the day of the trip.

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