A nationwide branch network to make Britain First unstoppable!

Britain First aims to become a nationwide grassroots mass movement with thriving branches in every part of the country.

Each branch, led by a branch organiser, will cover a designated geographical area (e.g. a town, city, or rural region) and communicate with HQ and neighbouring branches.

The branch organiser will coordinate activists and supporters in the area, and with them push forward recruitment, campaigning, electioneering and social activities.

Such a network, comprising scores, then hundreds, of active, connected branches, will make Britain First unstoppable!

The specific benefits of this type of organisation are:

  • each branch provides a focus for locally-based activism by activists who know the area and its people
  • the branch provides a base for the running of election campaigns (and selection of candidates)
  • it boosts recruitment at local level, by word of mouth
  • the branch decides and plans (in consultation with HQ) its own activities and campaigns, so can respond quickly to developments locally
  • branch organisers learn leadership skills, enabling them to take up the slack if other branches or the central organisation are disrupted - this gives added resilience
  • the branch network facilitates socialising at local and regional levels, reducing isolation and the need for long-distance travel

Branch organisers will be vital to Britain First's growth, to our establishment of a nationwide grassroots organisation that can eventually propel us to power.

If you're already an activist and would like to set up a branch in your area, then please visit ourĀ Branch Registration page.

Alternatively, if you'd like to know more about the role, email me at: [email protected]

Once approved as a branch organiser, you'll receive a copy of our new guide for activists and branch organisers, which will be printed shortly.

You'll also receive help in producing a tailored action plan to get your branch up and running.

Become a part of this next exciting stage in Britain First's expansion!

George Whale
Elections Officer

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