Pakistani Gangs Rape Because They Are 'excluded from society'

Left-wing journalist Robert Peston has suggested to Home Secretary Sajid Javid in a TV interview that Pakistani child groomers rape and torture children due to feeling 'excluded from British society':

Javid: 'If you look at the recent, high-profile convictions of group-based child sexual exploitation, the overwhelming majority have been of people of Pakistani heritage. ... there may be some cultural factors...'

Peston: 'Is it culture, or is it to do with many of these people feel excluded from British society?'

Javid: 'I don't know...'

It was only a matter of time before self-hating liberals began blaming white Britons for the epidemic of child-rape by 'Asian men' (to use the popular media euphemism).

Because in the left-liberal mind, immigrants and their descendants are all peace-loving, hard-working, law-abiding paragons; whereas native Europeans are the root of all evil.

It's our fault, you see, for not making them feel sufficiently welcome - never mind all the free housing, education, healthcare, welfare, mosques on every other street corner...

Britain First doesn't claim to understand the motivation of child-rape gangs. But there are factors common to most (if not all), including:

• Muslim belief
• Pakistani heritage
• Rejection of Western values
• Anti-British racism
• Hatred of women and/or children
• Sexual repression and frustration
• Paedophilic or sadistic urges
• Networks of like-minded criminals

As Mr Javid indicated earlier this year, research is necessary to establish the relative importance of such factors and how they interact.

None of this, however, excuses the perpetrators, and no amount of liberal bleating about 'exclusion' or 'discrimination' can diminish their bestial crimes. These men must pay - they know the difference between good and evil.

Britain First would reintroduce capital punishment for the worst of the groomers and - where feasible - deport the others.

We would give police the capacity and licence to smash down hard on gangs until every last predator is caught - 'cultural sensitivities' be damned.

We would halt immigration from 'shit-hole' countries/ cultures that put women and girls on a level with domestic cattle.

Our first priority, however, would be democratic erasure of the Traitor Class that created and still tries to conceal this epidemic of depravity.

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