PAUL GOLDING: Tamworth parliamentary by-election analysis

Tamworth is a very special place and I must admit, I fell in love with the town – and the local people - during the parliamentary by-election campaign.

Tamworth is the former capital of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Mercia.

Back in those times, Tamworth was a royal and administrative hub in the heart of the Mercian kingdom.

Tamworth is the only town in England where you can drive through and see huge artistic depictions of Anglo-Saxon culture.

It has a beautiful castle and a large church in the town centre.

It is an authentic English town largely unspoiled by the ravages of ‘multiculturalism’ and mass immigration.

Tamworth has a large ‘White Flight’ population that has escaped nearby multicultural Coventry and Birmingham.

Tamworth is a very, very patriotic town, and for this reason we decided to contest the parliamentary by-election.

The removal of incumbent Conservative MP Chris Pincher for perverted behaviour in a seedy London nightclub triggered the by-election.

How ironic, an MP called ‘Pincher’ was removed for ‘pinching’ other men inappropriately.

This absurd situation gave our activists endless laughs during the campaign.

Tamworth was a ‘perfect storm’ for Britain First and Ashlea Simon bravely volunteered to be our candidate, once again leading from the front as she always does.

Parliament granted only four weeks for the entire by-election timetable, probably because Christmas is approaching, but possibly to cause maximum inconvenience to smaller parties with limited resources.

Typically, I prefer to have at least three months to organise, plot, plan and scheme an election campaign.

This truncated timetable caused us endless administrative and manpower issues, but I am glad we ‘bit the bullet’ and flung ourselves into the cauldron.

Last summer, when we contested the parliamentary by-election in Wakefield, we focussed on driving all three of our Battle Buses around the town to create a huge ‘visual presence’.

The only literature distributed to the public was via the Royal Mail (and a few leaflets left on vehicles in car parks), a lot of which, in my humble opinion, did not get delivered due to the ‘multicultural’ ethnic make-up of Wakefield.

We also did not attend the daily sessions of the opening of the postal votes, which left us wide open to electoral fraud by politically biased council workers.

We recognised the mistakes in our strategy in Wakefield and this time, we modified our approach.

In Tamworth, we focussed on large-scale distribution of literature, we attended every single postal vote opening session, and instead of driving the Battle Buses around the town aimlessly, we positioned ourselves on a super-busy local traffic ‘choke point’ to catch vast numbers of passing motorists during rush hour.

During an average session sitting on this busy bridge, we reached somewhere in the region of 50,000 motorists with our banners and flags.

I met a lot of local residents during the campaign who said, ‘I have seen you up on the bridge’.

Likewise, council workers mentioned to Alex, who was watching the opening of the postal votes, ‘You are the party that is up on the bridges aren’t you?’

Many, many times, local residents pulled over and said hello to our candidate and activists.

We packed a dozen or so camping chairs in the Battle Bus so that our activists could sit and relax on the bridge, enjoying a hot cup of Vimto provided by Ashlea.

Over the course of four consecutive weekend days of action, we distributed approximately 10,000 leaflets.

Activists descended on Tamworth from across the nation, from as far afield as Newcastle, Sussex and Devon.

On top of all of this frenetic effort, volunteers at head office stuffed, sealed and dispatched 6,000 envelopes (enclosed with a letter and leaflet) to the postal voters.

These Britain First letters arrived on the exact same day as the postal votes arrived from Tamworth council.

It was timed to perfection.

The total number of postal voters was around 12,000, but we could only hit half of them due to time constraints and lack of funds.

At the next by-election, we will make sure we send letters to all of the postal voters.

The turnout at the polling stations in Tamworth on election day was roughly 28%.

But the postal vote turnout was closer to 80%.

Therefore, targeting the postal voters is absolutely critical at every by-election going forward.

This combination of postal vote targeting, frenzied activism and attentiveness to election integrity enabled Britain First to pull off a historic result in Tamworth.

One left-wing X/Twitter user described our vote as ‘scarily high’.

Another user said, ‘When Britain First gets more votes than the Lib Dems or Greens, you know the country is in the shit’.

‘Britain First beat the Lib Dems and the Greens in Tamworth….what on earth is going on,’ said another.

Another lefty used the words ‘depressingly high’ to describe our vote.

More ‘sensible’ left-wingers on X/Twitter sounded the alarm, saying that the establishment needs to get its act together.

‘Despite low turnout in Tamworth, it’s very concerning that the far-right Britain First party came fourth, beating the LibDems and the Greens! Until mainstream parties take serious action on immigration and crime, support for extremists like Britain First will only continue to grow,’ said a depressed liberal type.

In my opinion, our result in Tamworth has thrown the establishment into a blind panic.

How do we know this?

In the immediate aftermath of the declaration of results in Tamworth, many mainstream media outlets simply refused to report our result.

Britain First was removed from the list of parties contesting Tamworth, as if we didn’t exist!

A few major channels, like Sky News, reported that Britain First thrashed the Liberal Democrats, the Greens and UKIP, but generally we were treated as though we were invisible.

If we received a derisory result, they would have been happy to include us in the list of parties and given the full results.

Our unexpected vote put them in a position where they had to defraud the British people and peddle fake news.

But, in their eyes, that’s better than showing the electorate that Britain First is a serious contender in British politics.

The lamestream media is utterly shameless.

Even the reputable and highly informative X/Twitter account ‘Britain Elects’ did the same, simply removing Britain First from the official list of results and giving the impression that UKIP came fourth!

To be fair, they were torn apart in the comments section for this ridiculous decision.

Th highlight of the Tamworth result was that Britain First defeated the Liberal Democrats, the Green Party and UKIP.

The Liberal Democrats have a 90,000 strong membership and enjoyed an income in 2022 of £6 million.

They are hosted daily by the mainstream media and have over a dozen seats in Parliament.

The Green Party has 50,000 members and an income in 2022 of over £3 million.

Again, the Green Party is given a huge platform by the mainstream media and enjoys a seat in Parliament.

How was Britain First, a party that has been sabotaged, bullied, harassed, censored and de-platformed for over a decade, able to beat them both?

Likewise, the UK Independence Party, although much diminished from previous years under Nigel Farage, still enjoys a huge local support base in Tamworth.

Up until recently, they had elected councillors in the town.

But, with our ferocious and intelligent campaigning we were still able to overcome this strong local support base and beat them.

This is the second parliamentary by-election where we have beaten UKIP, the first being in Wakefield last year.

Considering the obvious advantages in terms of reach and resources mentioned above, the fact that Britain First, a party shunned by the media, starved of big donors and sabotaged by the Police State, was able to beat the Liberal Democrats, the Greens and UKIP, in a first-time effort in virgin territory, was remarkable.

Personally, having been involved in UK politics for over 24 years now, I consider the Tamworth result to be a ‘watershed moment’ for Britain First.

This was the parliamentary by-election that truly put us on the political map once and for all.

Believe me, there will be a lot of gnashing of teeth and scratching of heads in the corridors of Westminster after Tamworth.

But, as impressive as the Tamworth result was, for me, the real target for Britain First is not the Liberal Democrats, the Greens or UKIP – it is the Reform Party.

Over the next few years, we need to figure out how to overtake the Reform vote and take pole position on the ‘Right’ of politics.

I think we can safely say we can – and always will – beat UKIP going forward, but my eyes are fixed on beating the Reform Party.

In my humble opinion, Reform is invariably polling as the third strongest political party in the UK simply because they ‘exist’, not because they are hard-workers or intelligent campaigners.

Reform are given prime-time TV shows by the mainstream media and constantly given a ‘leg up’ by the establishment.

Reform exists purely as an establishment safety-valve party.

They are the ‘brick wall’ directly in front of Britain First, and we must tear them down and overtake them at all costs.

Britain First can never become the UK’s third strongest political party while Reform continues its role as an establishment safety-valve tying up vast numbers of patriotic votes in a political dead-end.

We are already half of the way there, however.

In Wakefield, and Tamworth, we received 50% of the votes that Reform received.

It may take another few years of hard campaigning and intelligent cherry-picking of by-elections, but we can do it.

For the next five years at least, our biggest and most sustained priority will be to overcome the Reform Party and smash them into the dirt, electorally speaking.

We can then ‘unite the Right’ and consolidate the vast majority of patriotic activists and election candidates into a true ‘unity movement’.

‘Unity’ is never achieved by common agreement.

Unity will only be achieved when a particular faction becomes the largest and most impressive, then proceeds to hoover up - and absorbing - all the others.

This can be compared to a political version of Darwinism, the survival of the strongest and fittest.

I am absolutely convinced that Britain First is the long-hoped-for political movement that can unite the Right of politics and challenge the establishment.

The stars are aligning, and providence is speaking: Britain First is the future of patriotic politics.

As leader and founder of this party, I can assure everyone reading this who are members of other patriotic Rightist groups and parties, you will be made more than welcome within Britain First.

Britain First is a ‘broad church’, umbrella party for everyone who considers themselves a patriot or a nationalist.

If you want ‘unity’, then join Britain First - that is the central message of this article.

With expanded resources and manpower, we can focus on dislodging Reform from their entrenched position as an establishment safety-valve.

If this olive branch is shunned by those who are determined to cling to their particular tribal loyalties, then that’s fine by me.

Britain First will continue to power forward regardless.

Britain First will achieve all of the above in the years to come.

Britain First will become a patriotic political steamroller until we arrive at the gates of Westminster.

The establishment genuinely fears Britain First.

The same cannot be said for UKIP, or Reform.

If the establishment were not terrified of Britain First, we would have our own primetime shows on GB News etc.

But we are shunned and hated by the establishment because they fear our potential.

It really is as simple as that.

Combine with all of this the fact that we are resurgent on social media reaching millions of new voters.

If ever there was a suitable time to ‘take the plunge’ and join Britain First, it is now.

Britain First has all the tools needed to challenge the Westminster elite.

I urge all patriots reading this to take their time and ponder the points I have articulated in this article.

If you want genuine hope for the future, join our positive, relentless movement and help us rescue our country.

There are other potential parliamentary by-elections on the horizon, such as Wellingborough and Reigate.

To help Britain First get ready for these promising electoral opportunities, please choose an option below:

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